Puzzle Index


August Something Different by Mr Magoo


February Alchemy by Scribbler
April Easter Competition Puzzle by Apex
June Itchy Baker by Mr Magoo
July Doublets by Auctor
August Albert's Horse by Smithers
September Here and Now by Ix
October Dream Vision by Elfman
November It's All Greek to Me by Ix
December How On Earth Did You Know That? by Smithers
January One To Many by Tiburon Solution
February Who Wants To Be a Millionaire by Verbascum
March Gallimaufry by Apex
April Double Puzzle by Smithers
May Expensive Waterfront Property by Mr Magoo Solution
June Good Luck by Hotspur
Deadline by Pieman
August Not I by Ozzie
September Alibi by Ix
Acrostic by Arsinoë Solution
October The Case of the Missing Preamble by Ea Solution
November Planting Out by Apex
January Unlucky 13 by Manumission
March Hospital _________ by Mango
April Misquotation by Radix
May Playfair Grid by Shackleton
June I'm A Celebrity? Get Me Out of Here! by Tilsit Solution
July Feasting Out by Apex
August Fab Four by Shackleton Solution
September Flying Supersonic by Rebus
October Round Robin by the Crossword Centre
November Not in this Game by Mr Magoo
December Shift Work by Rebus
February Printer's Devilry by Anagnorisis
March Breakthrough by Ozzie Solution
April Crucis by Ploy Solution
May Believe It Or Not by Rebus
June Don't Look Down by Arsinoë Solution
July A Chessword Puzzle by Radix Solution
August Missing Quotes by Ploy Solution
September Come Again? by Hotspur Solution
October An Undecided Game by Ozzie
November Question Time by Apex
Untitled I by Morgan
December Unlucky 13 II by Tilsit
January Treasure Quest by Merlin
March Archery by Arsinoë Solution
April Marksmanship by Radix
May Bible Studies by Auctor
June Carelessness by Rebus
Missing Letter by Urchin
July Who've Issue by Gos
August Ballad by Bandmaster
September Bits of 7 by Nutmeg
Theme by Urchin
October Their First XI by Ozzie Solution
Crossword 6 by Scorpion
November Planting Out by Apex
December The Great Jigsaw Experiment by Arsinoë Solution
January My Sister Dolly... by Nutmeg
February Plate Spinning by Plinth
March You'll Know When... by Ploy
April Put into Words by Scribbler
May Round Robin 2 by the Crossword Centre
Printer's Devilry by Jove
June Plain #01 by Mango
July Ra by Wasp
August Fabulous Elephants by Arsinoë
September Screen Test II by Tilsit
October A Doodle X by Apex
November Plain #02 by Mango
Turnhouse by Nutmeg
December Dateline by Mr Magoo
January My Pa Oil by Rebus
February Where's the Grid? by Wasp
March Their Words Are the Law by Hip
April Vavytark by Samuel
May Plain #03 by Mango
June Where There's Matter by Porlock
July Mystery Play by Brimstone
August Go Native? by Raich
September Steer-ings by Logogriph
October What's the Title? by Urchin
November Comings and Goings by Tashunka
December Round Robin III by the Crossword Centre


January No Surprise by Nutmeg
February Metafiction by Arsinoë
February Question Authority by Arsinoë
March Fee by Raich
April One, Two, Three by Kurwamac
May Entry by Samuel
June Jigsaw by Top Cat
July Definitions by Urchin
August Each One a Cunning Tester by Chalicea
September The Aim of the Game by Seth Mould
October Survivor by Dysart
November NOTES by Nod
December Mixed Eleven by Ploy


January Flight by Qaos
February Work by Raich
March Chain Reaction by Urchin
April Evil by Chalicea
May Birds by Egallus
June SLEUTH by Cliew
July Wrong Number by Nutmeg
August Move Over by Curmudgeon
September Climb on Window Box by Ifor
October The X Factor by Qaos
November Themes & Variations by Wasp
December Seasons Greetings From Eclogue
January Party Politics by Chalicea
February Eight for George by Raich
March _________ by The Crossword Centre
April Cross-over by Eclogue
May Institution by Samuel
June Stars of the 20 by Egallus
July Slow Down, Walk by Nod
August Asunder by Curmudgeon
September Puzzle by Anax
October Borderline Clue by Grypt
November Track Record by Raich
December Seasons Greeetings II by Eclogue
January Sign of the Times by Bandmaster
February Gods by Vernon
March Quack by Cliew
Other Puzzles
Diamond by Afrit Solution
To Play Fair or Not by Apex Solution
Seasonal Fare by Azed Solution
Spoonerisms by Azed Solution
FT Puzzle by Cinephile
Playfair by Jock McScrabbet
Murder Mystery by Stephen Sondheim
Plain Puzzle by Ximenes Solution