Feasting Out by Apex

An item of food or drink must be omitted from the answers to all clues marked with an asterisk.
Examples - Clue leads to BROTHERHOOD, enter ERHOOD: clue leads to DELIVERING, enter DEING: clue leads to ROSTRUM, enter ROST.

Definitions in these clues refer to the full, unmutilated words (lengths indicated by numbers in brackets). Subsidiary indications refer to the mutilated forms to be entered in the diagram. All other clues are normal. Every word is in Chambers Twentieth Century Dictionary 1972 New Edition.

*1 Distance may make sons end fast (15)
*9. Call doctor - man's inside needs a settler (9)
 11 Damn cereal's a little hard (4)
*12. Caught in the stalks, last of big horny insects (11)
*14. Apple roll (only the last portion) laced with gin (7)
 15. Vessel with Indian salts set before the priest (6)
 16. The Ambassador coming in belching (5)
 17. ... managed to eat one dry roll (6)
*22. Replies of complainants secure seconds without right (12)
 23. A lot of time, energy and chop wasted (5)
*24. The content of items on sideboard intoxicates as before (9)
 27. Abstainer in a round, introduces a teeny-weeny something (4)
 29. Fruit that's hard to consume gives you the pip (7)
*31. To squander a pretty good share (8)
 32. Hasn't put out the end piece of cake - it's stale (6)
*33. A character tucking into heaps appeals for help (14)

*1. Bessemer pig pickled in eels and lots of eggs (12)
 2. One VIP upset by something pithy from the tropics (4)
*3. About to cut into a spotted dog, - should be enough for all (9)
 4. Scots finish eating eggs up and settle (7)
*5. After first drop of fire water I'm lit up (8)
*6. Strong old Norwich ale - try a small mugful (6)
 7. Some of the pale ales could have been harmful (4)
 8. These tablets make you almost eat less (6)
 10. Noble about to topple over - more the worse for drink (6)
*13. Evasive tricks upsetting gins over bores (13)
*15. To squeeze an old lady musician (9)
*18. Fellows tucking into a duck - it should give satisfaction (11)
 19. New Zealand bird drinking pop with a shrew (6)
 20. Stomach inflammation - not half - it's the Graves (6)
*21. The fool to be consumed promptly, as before (9)
 25. Rock cakes coming up (4)
 26. Refuse no more - there's nothing left (4)
 28. Mixing up the last of our butter (4)
*30. A guy gets attached to this drink (7)

Please send your solution in the form of a list to derek@crosswordcentre.fsnet.co.uk before 5th August 2003. The first correct solution picked will receive a copy of Chambers Concise Crossword Dictionary which has been donated by the publishers.