Chain Reaction by Urchin

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The unclued lights form part of a chain of words, each differing by one letter, and entered in any order. Solvers should write the beginning and end of the chain below the grid and highlight two individuals who create the reaction.
    4    Drunken Scots do nothing in home for birds (7)
    8    Chap acting conclusion of piece (4)
    9    Truly admit to a crime with first shilling going for a thousand dollars (4)
    11    Figurine could be made if with this repentance (6)
    12    More convenient when each old coin is returned (6)
    13    Birds returning eggs to head of poultry-farm (4)
    14    English city-dweller goes back to the woods? (5)
    16    Secret doctrine is weird taking in old fool (7)
    17    Mad Prince Hal, initially, was mental (7)
    18    Blunder over moon vehicle flaw (7)
    23    Colours of earth in mud (7)
    25    Western hat that's lost its head (5)
    26    In history first lady comes before queen (4)
    27    Exiled at first, revolutionary is accepted by the French ambassador (6)
    29    One who makes equal measure in 26 (6)
    30    Foot loses power for a long time (4)
    31    Girl's taking end of affaire to brood (4)
    32    Regular payments for boarding house (7)
    1    Gypsies have old measurement in Argentina (4)
    2    One who invented electronic data exchange is waiting in Edinburgh (6)
    3    Taking mum out thieving in London borough (6)
    4    Animal almost grievous once (4)
    5    Shop-girl missing place could be fearsome (6)
    6    Heart of Spanish girl found in tellurium ore (8)
    7    Spiritless cow lost marks for a shilling (5)
    9    Mistreating herself over one heavier (8)
    10    Actor losing bits of wing in rally (5)
    13    On patrol at sea? You'll probably need this (8)
    15    Fine prospect could be unbelievable with a bin (5,3)
    19    Hail in eastern and southern edges (5)
    20    Cubic metre of record player (6)
    21    China's old stone runs (6)
    22    Girl pierced worried goddess (6)
    24    Tears first sign of ragged warp threads (5)
    27    One of 14's returning national award (4)
    28    Bear River regularly creates lake (4)
To enter this competition send the solution to clues in list format, plus the chain and the highlighted words, to me at before the 8th April 2009. The first correct solver picked will receive a prize of Chambers Slang Dictionary which has been donated by the publishers.