Gallimaufry by Apex




Letters entered in shaded squares form the subtitle of puzzle (3 words); this is followed by the unclued perimeter, (clockwise) and the central row (11 words). Clues are of 4 types and solvers must discover which are which. (a) Normal (11), (b) Misprints - one letter misprinted in definition (10), (c) Definition and Letter-mixture- beginning with the beginning or ending with the end of a word in the clue (10) (d) Symmetrical pairs - clues in each pair separated by one redundant word, either clue may appear first (5). In clued order, the correct forms of misprints and the initial letters of redundant words (3 parts in all) should enable solvers to fully understand the theme of the puzzle. Chambers Dictionary (1998) is recommended.



9 What garment came to harm in the wash? (5)

10 A big cut immediately involves Union (5)

11 Gunners at home prevail as before (4)

12 Old lady has abandoned belt (big area of land)

36 on entering a prison (7,7)

13 Forgotten race? - not over in South Dakota! (5)

14 What religious drama was exported to Australia? (4)

15 Covering soldiers in time to be revised immediately, in

29 fact, broken reed is whatís wanted (11,11)

19 To crudely print title held by expert (4)

20 What size of type did Egma use? (3)

21 In Thirsk I offer an Orcadian shanty (4)

24 What great poem did Poe submit? (4)

26 American woman getting actor off Scotch (3)

27 American entering bank to fib (4)

31 One who tells stories about bard (4)

33 Like a seed to defeat Paraguay (5)

37 What did Sir Herbert Tree do with a lampoon? (4)

38 German child to bend (5)

39 Old practice in excellent gold coins (5)



1 Autocrat going around college on a donkey (6)

2 What risk would a man with a dagger take? (4)

3 A playful pup I support ruins gown - motherís

30 not amused (4,4)

4 Reading-desk a mob destroyed (4)

5 A balancer almost gone with the wire cut off (13)

6 A foolish parson to chase up god (4)

7 What man suddenly releases bottled water? (6)

8 To try pot (4)

16 Comic discarding fine black tincture that

22 tough prince mostly brought up (4,4)

17 Title of novel girl had to stimulate

20 wretched dago (4,4)

18 Can put up a poodle (3)

23 What people briefly expound for poets? (3)

25 Quilt, square one, covering old spring (6)

28 Dismal lines on English in newspaper (6)

32 A champion English duffer (4)

33 What domesticated animal did a cop keep? (4)

34 What fur was worn by a Pennsylvanian lady? (4)

35 Rod for measuring old garden (4)


To enter the competition send your solution, in clue order or in Crossword Utility format order to . The first correct solution to be picked from the proverbial hat on 1st April 2002 will receive a copy of Ximenes on the Art of the Crossword, which has been donated by the publishers, Swallowtail Books.