The diagram represents a billiard-table on which a game of snooker is resumed (six red balls have been potted) and later abandoned. Numbers, in stroke order, and os (only four given) mark the starting-point of the ball at a stroke. A ball rebounds, or is reflected, from the cushion; it rebounds, or is deflected, from another in its path (i e, with a higher number visible). End pockets may be entered from three directions, the other two from five. Some clues are actually two or more non-overlapping clues in entry order (ignore punctuation in these); on entry they have a common feature. The clues for each of the last ten strokes have one misprint in the definition part: the misprints yield a helpful message. Solvers must complete the grid (ignoring pockets); highlight the balls not yet pocketed (one to be entered appropriately) and also the outcome of the game at its abandonment; and, assuming all numbers visible, enter the other seven last strokes below the diagram. Explore possibilities; some help is provided. The primary reference is Chambers (2003).

LAST STROKES: 35.    36.    37. K    38. G    39.    40. C    41.    42.    43.    44.

The strokes
1. Once decided, this is the first to be sunk (4)
2. Men disport round the front to tan (7)
3. Note line note German note Henry well - only one note! (3;3)
4. During Rogation it should be Lent - to make Advent? (5)
5. Dozy carrier has tea service laid - no bits to eat? (6)
6. Deprive of strength timidly, but not fully (5)
7 Kind of spirit that lacks independence (5)
8. 'To perish little after little always' (Shakespeare) (4)
9. We two not half cold inside - and out? (3)
10. Ran firm without executive's lead (5)
11. Without success we watch society birds (9)
12. See old professional unit's lab subject pig out (6)
13. Jar: "'O, there!", an unaspirated greeting women tolerate with confusion: a little mate, perhaps drunk, wants a bit of milk (4;5;4;3)
14. It's some work to make shifting sand dunes straight (some say), for instance, so deny (3;7)
15. Note written to staff: 'Be fitting, old-fashioned, and adult' (5)
16. A region - Manila? - can, with this, reveal a botanic and animal variety (5)
17. Lichens: they make small harsh music of the spheres? You need thin strip of wood to strike (7;4)
18. Writhing with gripe, parent - end not in sight - is in recovery (10)
19. Prime wine allowed to breathe (5)
20. My lot's place is first in addition, third in multiplication: rush up distressed, cry out in pain, then colour (4;13, two words)
21. Landgirls need 'ead protection: sun's getting hot - there's cloud, Mamma. Mamma parts with only one penny for company (more than one needed). Elder shortly gets a little money from various sources (3;5;8;3)
22. On analysis, this may start to give, to give … pigmentary substance (6)
23. 'A large glass, child?' 'Rather!' - swallows (8)
24. The tang of nickel phosphate material - reflux of nickel and phosphorus in equal parts (4;4)
25. Pull up - not at home - leave a note - return, worried (5)
26. Tattered rag concealed by lustre of sharkskin (8)
27. Taste is at an end. Face a bit of publicity: suspect, having struck first blood, squealed (3;4;4)
28. Taxi here - fugitive loses heart (6)
29. Not 5 km … a little more than that in Russia once (4)
30. Wound got from shoot up - died (6)
31. Obscure orders of fictional detective ignored in his admission (7)
32. Tours This & That to America - blind guts needed (4)
33. After a short time he is careless, blows up (5)
34. Clerk's dwelling in manor-house before most of the time's gone (5)

Lettered clues
A. Impart twisting motion to black last, at a pinch (5)
B. Ice-cream had regularly to be demolished with licks (6)
C. Warn Capone there's a lot of detectives about (5)
D. Woman who sank one ball on the rebound, the sound of others colliding all around (two words, 10)
E. A name for a drug shot up includes 'spied', dig! (11)
F. When navy is depleted, press-gang commo with long ragged socks (10)
G. See object mount altitude (7)
H. I may need to see Memento - it can be seen in cinemas (7)
I. Having corncobs provides aid till old (5)
J. Tins of legume soup? Find in hold, please (8)
K. Ungrateful Cockney falconer, and where 'is thoughts turn? (7)

To enter the competition solvers should (a) submit the answers 1 to 44; (b) state which are the unpocketed balls; (c) which one of them is appropriately entered and how; and (d) what the outcome of the game at its abandonment is, to before the 6th November 2004. The first correct solver to be picked from the hat will receive a copy of Chambers Concise Crossword Dictionary which has been donated by the publishers,