Expensive Riverfront Property by Mr Magoo

The grid is not given, but is a non-symmetrical representation of an expensive riverfront property, as viewed from the river, and is bounded by six straight lines. Clues are given in their normal order. Ten down is unclued and links the three other parts of the property's name, which appear in the final grid, as do three other relevant words hinted at by the title.

1 Construction of two accountants, is it? That's painful!
7 Oppose drunken revel
11 Lewis's expertise with it - that peculiar left leg
14 Assume front half of ass?
15 Sunburn remedy heartlessly returned - permanently coloured skin section
16 Tar on top of roof cut down
17 Skinny room in allocation
18 Impressive place I ransacked
21 What's uncomfortable, without question, is comfortable
23 Work on crown?
25 Ban domestic using this to make sodium carbonate?
26 Eskimos US displaced, back where they originated? (two words)
28 Name that is French for these kinswomen
29 Origins of symmetric perfection in this place?
1 What'll bring darkness to sun?
2 Sorcerer secreting wax
3 The smallest thing in the  alphabet? Not half!
4 Divorce (unquestioned) prompts clapping
5 Man not finishing drink
6 A long black or white garment
7 South African rejects English address in Diss?
8 Keep talking - initially it stops people focusing
9 How to make fruit from raising alcoholic drink
10 See preamble
12 Fairy not left in danger
13 Quarry pointed out by this counting-house
19 Standard-cut vegetable
20 Sudden decision to cover staple
22 What may terminate insects now a lot?
23 Creates change
24 What flows (slowly, we hear?) …
27 … nonetheless, it provides employment

To enter the competition solvers should send a list of the solution in clue order and a cryptic clue to the word which now accompanies the three relevant words hinted at by the title (seven letters) to derek@crosswordcentre.fsnet.co.uk before the 1st June 2002. The writer of the clue judged to be best will receive a copy of Ximenes on the Art of the Crossword which has been donated by Swallowtail Books.