Each one a cunning tester! by Chalicea

Radial lights read from edge to centre and vice versa, eighteen of each. A two-word phrase, read clockwise in the circuit next to the innermost, defines seven theme words that appear clockwise in the circuit next to the outer one, and in one radial.

Radials (6)
1.      Searching round for a doc, I'd employ medical student
2.      An extraordinary trick with love from a cunning tester
3.      French paper for a gift wrapped and sent back
4.      Fruit colour
5.      Sound distinguishable from another in intonation, not in volume
6.      In bed girl is not skilled
7.      Give proof of presence at examination?
8.      Think over the implications of a body of laws
9.      Judge one who sounds like a silly lady?
10.    Anxiety of good man regarding ship
11.    Singular verbal contention producing weapons
12.    Strangely OK, swot grovels
13.    Bachelors with no ale cooked soup
14.    Bit of alarm after flood that rushes up estuaries of the north
15.    Tastelessly showy common prostitute - an unknown quantity!
16.    Shoot child going after health food
17.    Lightweight bikes moved aimlessly before start of scramble
18.    Once the roles of spirited horses
19.    Apparatuses for diving from ship round Caribbean island
20.    Go briskly for southern treat
21.    Funny patois used in courtyards
22.    I scour hopelessly for bric-à-brac
23.    Small noise of cow - Switzerland produces pet!
24.    Accountants surround gypsy making cannons
25.    Weapons to bear fruit in ship
26.    Pale blue or green paint with second thought gives muscle
27.    French drink - pass it round!
28.    Instrument artist mishandled
29.    Analyzes mixture with no sodium - the result is unsavoury
30.    Opposes authority and staggers round holding bottle opener
31.    Withdraw church director in a cathedral city
32.    Temporarily transfer subordinate
33.    Sort of acid that begins effervescing rapidly unless contained in cask
34.    Solemnly renounce sailor by law
35.    English scroll to put into an encryption system
36.    Armed guard in revolt in sector

To enter this competition, send the solution in list format, plus the 2-word phrase and the 7 theme words to derekharrison@yahoo.com before 8th September 2008. The first correct entry picked will receive a copy of the new edition of Chambers Dictionary which is donated by the publishers.