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Grid entry corresponds to the result of the wordplay in each clue while the definition is to a real word which differs to it by one letter. Rogue letters in wordplay lead to a line from a tragedy, corresponding letters according to definitions spell out another excerpt from the same author. Solvers must use what is missing from this second quotation followed by the speaker’s real name to form the puzzle’s title.


8     Scorn old king's rule – he’s usurped by grand duke (6)
9     Tempest: Alonso not one welcoming first-born? Strewth! (6)
10    Plant Lawrence digested in dicky stomach  (9)
11    With temperature dropping, spirit's shown pitching tents (5)
12    Body no longer vital in business process after recession  (6)
13    Central Spanish priest regularly rolls joint (6)
16    Assembled as if real, this bone is not attached  (8)
17    Asparagus tips (US variety) with added energy for Brazilian waterways (8)
23    Palm tree’s no longer secure, beset by ebbing sand-dunes (6)
24    Jewish festival cut back in honour of Bishop (6)
25    Ruptured aorta leads to cry from buck (5)
26    Act like a chicken, maybe, or another bird no longer around (9)
27    Turn on for start of show set in the grounds of a big house (6)
28    Source of illumination on basis of Koran accepted by Islamic leader (6)

1     Lack of action confused Dublin (GB ditto) (6)
2     Money out of place when following kingdom where the last shall be first  (8)
3     Determines shattered Haiti's need for money to replace hospital (6)
4     Perhaps gang hanging around, on speed initially, lacking any ecstasy, loosens up? (8)
5     Ill-treated black horse can’t stand  (6)
6     A luminance from centre of screen? (5)
7     A duck is abroad after a potato pancake (6)
14    Mournful songwriter from Iowa in reformed Eagles (8)
15    Gordon has an awfully beastly term at Lyon Court (8)
18    Group of old men take a drink without English teacher (6)
19    S American native relish found within Argentina's borders (6)
20    Latest from Chepstow menu - spread to include starter of roast eel (6)
21    Run a new age production of The Three Sisters (6)
22    The divine monk takes time in ascending (5)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format with the name of the title, and the number of your favourite clue to derekharrison@yahoo.com before the 8th April. The first two correct entries drawn from the hat will receive a copy of  The Daily Mail Pub Quiz Book which has been donated by the publishers.

Clues writers in alphabetical order: Neil Aspland, Tim Anderson, Jenny Baguette, John Covenhope, Shirley Curran, Paul Dendy, Ken Dunn, Brian Dungate, Roddy Forman, James Glassonbury, Oli Grant, Rod Harling, Derek Harrison, Paul Henderson, Chris Jeremy, AJ Moore, Niall MacSweeney, Kevin McDermid, Mark Oshin, Frank Pasterczyk, Wilson Ransome, Simon Shaw, Ian Simpson, Nick Smith, John Tozer, Phil Turner, Andrew Varney, Keith Williams. Grid by Auctor.