Some clues contain a misprint in the definition. The correct letters yield, in clue order, a phenomenon that influences all the across grid entries, including, by implication, the one unclued. The down entries, which should also be influenced, have not been. The interpretation of the influence is literal, following the Chambers definition, and not strictly scientific. Having made their breakthrough, solvers should enter the completed puzzle's 32 missing bars. If at length they find that they have drawn a blank, it will help to know that EARTH'S COSMOS is affected.

1. Absentee peers about foresters (12)
10. 'Hail and farewell!'. 'Hail!' (not 'Hi, Al!') will do, even (5)
11. Destination for pilgrim - not so for boy (7)
12. Flag one once rode behind (4)
13. Source of cardboard: scrapped Dreadnought? (6)
14. Half gold, a third tangerine, last sixth blue-lavender coating stresses dye (8)
15. 'The Return of Old Faithful' - past art (4)
16. Note outmoded desk in line (3)
19. Is unwilling, this? Yes, to do much (5)
23. Quiet! You at the rear - quiet! Quiet! (5)
26. Gypsywoman abandons Chinese exercising for another Asian (3)
27. Turn over: turn over when it is included, even (4)
29. Black ant is able to be active in log (8)
31. Gullible person loses head, finding it finally at ludo (6)
32. Type of skart depicted as many artists do (4)
33. Ancient Greek roams inside Turkey's capital - Henry questions his identity? (7)
34. Paper folding: upset international reporter's heading for exit past developing stage (5)
35. Heretical beliefs, slightly exotic, held by other strange loose women (12)

1. Tut tut! Moet's fizzing about - it's the grapes! (11)
2. Home thrust upon one: see return movement of fettlers to Israel (6)
3. Dick is about - seen in company (5)
4. Felt plug in bod, lacking water (4)
5. Eating a bit of oleander, nothing less - that bodes ill (7)
6. Pathologically, lots of water does me a damage (7)
7. Lower barge onto lake (5)
8. Did grame drive insane Elizabethan before Elizabeth I? (4)
9. Cup-and-balls: deformed anther flowers (11)
12. Love of cine arts has universal following: does Greenery? (5)
17. Like some opera lover, is most 'lost' … is 'gone' (7)
18. Mean, by 'as closure', 'as closure' (7)
20. Indian's communicating moans - nothing airy fairy (5)
22. Rowing movement's amateur rowers entering S-bend without finishing (6)
24. Ventral cylinder to make hard of hearing? (5)
25. Has twice crowned the Queen of Siam (Outer) (5)
28. Reggae needed before tense three-hander (4)
30. Spirit of place that has affinity with one, comprehensively (4)

Solvers should send a solution in list format, plus the name of the themed phenomenon to before 1st April 2004. The first correct solution drawn from the hat will receive a prize of Chambers Crossword Dictionary (hard-back £25) which has been donated by the publishers.