No Surprise by Nutmeg


Clues to thematic words are given in a logical order, and answers are to be fitted in to the grid where they will go. All grid entries are complete words. Down clues each have one letter missing in the definition part, and these spell out K, which does not appear in the grid. Solvers should find that there is one thematic answer left over, and this is to be written beneath the completed grid.

A    Rebellious Polish hero following Poland's original thinker
B    Extremely heartening messenger
C    Vale's water supply supporting China, etc, briefly
D    Royal mint?
E    Chips could be H – C
F    Carry K - A
G    B + D, it defies the laws of nature
H    Soldiers, one intoxicated in woman's embrace
I    Granfather could be a hit
J    Amusing holder for drink – it's made in the kitchen
K    see preamble

1.    Artiste's mother with broad behind (6)
9.    Father catches daughter within viewing topless nightclub attraction (3,7)
11.    Solicit a p-payment (6)
13.    Landlord to fight PC's means of entry (9)
15.    Principal element (4)
18.    I'll show this in pub, but it's different abroad (5,4)
21.    Nutmeg, a learner in vehicle, hits tree (8)
22.    Fashionable corset sought by spinster? (6)
24.    Fitzroy's cape (10)
25.    Piece of Manx cat (4)
26.    With ecstasy, bishop dips into reserved wine (6)
27.    Gangster initially takes vital part of computer (3,3)

2.    Cod has nasty smell after sludge rises (5)
5.    Pen spaces for French winners (6)
6.    Turing up and running, following reverse for first couple of computers (9)
7.    Cor! Performing lady not half randy (7)
14.    Twisted force, we're told, at queen's 'ome, often using vice (9)
17.    Route that's heading south, making me needed on tour (7)

To enter this competition send your entry in list format, plus the thematic answer left over, to me at before the 8th February 2008. The first correct entry picked from the hat will receive a copy of Chambers Crossword Lists, which has been donated by the publishers.