Round Robin by The Crossword Centre

Six answers form part of a group. Clues to these entries give a word associated with the actual light and contain a redundant word. Initial letters of the redundant words can be arranged to form the type of group where they could be found. Solvers should give the names of the 2 missing members.


1 End of supper, say, and mum's splitting fruit (5)
5 Pocket Sinatra program to get his buddies changing parts on site? He'll trade your Baubles, Bangle and Beads! (4,3)
10 One who disaffects by combining classic Weaver and Schwarzenegger films? (9)
11 Look at this stunning penthouse in acceptable established location (5)
13 Sumo wrestling expert's entrance terrifies weakling (5)
15 Man's a tad high with various hard substances (8)
16 Where to keep drugs in the Moulin Rouge? (4)
17 Local channel setting wheels in motion for Miller's Tale in new adaptation. (4)
18 The heartless new cops upset the old coppers (9)
21 It could be breathtaking to brew tea here (5,4)
25 Uncanny transports related in Mysteries of Udolpho (4)
26 Ancient surrenders that French opposed (4)
28 Heartless conman freed after bewildering day in court related to hearing (8)
30 A toss-up for Russians in Liberal restructuring? (5)
31 Just in the lead and on the up after Thierry Henry is initially dismissed! (3-2)
32 Rear of aeroplane, behind space to confine horse? (9)
33 Broken tees seen around the first of links' holes (7)
34 As we go down order, pair above me gets runs to agreed limit (2,3)


1 Found whale on deck close to Albert Bridge - London's Moby Dick, apparently (6)
2 Nurse swallows crude oil - get away! (5)
3 Encountered an unknown quantity in Lorraine (Nancy's neighbour) (4)
4 Powerless peasant roughly handled (6)

5 Press baron with English and American readership primarily - Rupert Murdoch? (10)
6 Retrograde insult for the most part that is hung on Marxist,primarily (6)
7 Rotten philandering pig hiding by German banker? (9)
8 Jack in a brig initially volunteers in error (7)
9 Maybe go secretly to such, at first (6)
12 French darlings chasing old Frenchman, almost causing embarrassing moments, perhaps (10)
14 Peculiarly large tailless rodent - or another tailless. Spare the rod (9)
19 Sadly, inexperienced copper's grabbing coat but losing trace of robber (7)
20 Declared girl talented - and ripe for courting? (6)
22 Staying measured, tête-à-tête? (6)
23 They might happen in changing- rooms - twisting Y-fronts - no end of faff (3-3)
24 Setter scorns scoundrel (6)
27 After time, touch of scab leads to unhappy gardener axing trees (5)
29 Two short months - not first or the last in the year (4)

To enter this competition send your solution in list format, plus the two missing names to before the 1st June 2006. The first name picked from the hat will receive a copy of Chambers Concise Crossword Dictionary which has been donated by the publishers. Please vote for your favourite clue as the clue-writer who receives the most votes will get a copy of Whitaker's Almanack Pocket Reference 2006.