Gods by Vernon

Each answer is to be entered (clockwise or anticlockwise) in a rectangle. The number indicates whereabouts the rectangle is: thus for 12 we might have any of the below:

Sometimes the number is not at the corner. If 12 were not as in the grid, you might have this sort of thing:

When the grid is filled highlight part of a song (the last word of a phrase missing), together with its author and that last word. They are entered appropriately.

1 Watery grave drive in the middle avoids (6)
2 Motel poster almost completely destroyed: exotic standards of decoration in America! (10, two words)
3 Set aside design (first part unused) before keeping second part (6)
4 Not socially acceptable to stir wine (4)
5 The criminal goes after money for drug's everyday usage (4)
6 British game: getting drunk (6)
7 Find out about the empty fire, perhaps (6)
8 Special chair made by potter, we're told (6)
9 Indecisive loser back in routine that is sheltering (10)
10 Obstinate American heated about tediously excessive discipline at first (10)
11 Carry round baggage to the inside (4)
12 Etruscan bishop: he is found diving into river (8)
13 Gluten-free stuff? (6)
14 Headed back to lake and valley (4)
15 Slight, missing second letter? (6)
16 Border round the outside, no middle (4)
17 Sell report? (6)
18 Deer last in, possibly? No, just players (10)
19 Plant - electronic - prepare for computer? (10)
20 Remain, exist without identity (4)
21 With black replacing turquoise on the outside, intricately decorated? (8)
22 Blood, having met belt, spread on trousers, widening (12)
23 Capable of being specified and at once pointlessly accomplished (8)
24 Her trebles have developed into idle chatterboxes (10)
25 Rested on a bed? Not half! (4)
26 Dull, backward, low-bred, possibly? No, having a few intellectual pretensions (10)
27 Long-sighted person, like Washington, by tree (note docked) (8)
28 Campion? Catholic no longer in peace? (6)
29 Curse and swear at last, possibly (4)
30 Get rid of obstruction in river (6)
31 Close approach (4)
32 Crazy: hides away prepared food (8, two words)
33 Net incomes have this concealed (4)
34 Half wine-flask left for boy (4)
35 Agree to be different. Society bores (6)
36 Wound half of tape and put in special book (4)
37 Lower borders of scratches in eye (6)
38 Port: it ultimately leads to a deep loss of consciousness (6)
39 Female muse uttered one name of jazz singer (4)
40 Appearing regularly, pile up an obscene sum of money (4)
41 Bone finally all turned in twisted part of the knee (8)
42 Take into consideration petition (4)
43 Nose put out of joint for ages (4)
44 Violins a mistake: not appropriate at parting (6)
45 Puts play on for Australian resident (8)
46 Short of a bit of dosh, lends pounds indiscriminately. Puzzled? (10)

To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format, plus the highlighted words, to derekharrison@yahoo.com before the 8th March 2011. The first  correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a copy of  Wyse Words which has been donated by the Chambers.