Climb on Window Box by Ifor

The perimeter contains eight conventionally entered thematic items; bars need not be inserted.  Clues to these are presented in alphabetical order of solution and are of unconventional type, with neither definition nor wordplay - insertion of one item into each results in what sounds like a feasible statement.   Solvers must construct a charade of a related concept by replacing the contents of seven cells with four straight lines and highlighting a further seven cells.  The Chambers Dictionary (2008) entry for this concept will assist solvers in finding a ninth thematic item, to which the title is a similarly unconventional clue – write the solution to this (six letters) under the grid.

Serious casualties get first vital treatment
To rate is to improve
Be part of Nigeria once
Write your answers with spaces
Lacking a warning device, so necessary on a bicycle?
Needing fruit, say lemon, to prevent scurvy
Will heaven be eternal bliss, or just non-existence?
Animals in captivity need a nature reserve
    8      Shifting in positions?  Not them    (11)
    9      Insect bite to back    (4)        
    11    Refusal from country with an earlier upset    (3)        
    12    Penned in far Eshtaol?        (4)        
    14    Procreation inhibited by sheath?  Just the opposite    (5)        
    16    Foot bill later – I’m obtaining seconds    (4)           
    18    Backs of heads seen in miniature    (4)         
    19    Tempting times - saint undergoes volte-face after women make running     (11, two words)        
    20    Wicked man accepts the praise    (6)
    22    Lemur’s rough coat came without finishing touches        (6)        
    24    It measures the state in ground tremor     (11)        
    26    Periodically endorse top sporting wear    (5)        
    30    Result from including it could be connected bathroom    (5)        
    32    Trumpet takes on threatening appearance        (4)         
    33    See Gershwin before opening of latest promotion    (5)
    34    Isn’t painting or maintaining houses    (4)        
    35    Failing will lead to another almost total failure, the antithesis of excellent    (7)
    1     Child’s father protected by official without heart like a stone        (4)        
    2     He secures cupboard space beforehand        (8)        
    3     Life’s inception in local terrace        (5)        
    4     Cross about life in general, perhaps        (3)        
    5     Single turns when regularly going Dutch?        (5)        
    6     Change of climate (dropping temperature) is precursor to return of river molluscs (8)    
    7     Couple object to small space        (4)        
    10    Turn end on, stop     (4)        
    12    Starts to recover after inhaling nose drops        (4)
    13    Cut about in various directions        (4)        
    15    Record deduction – 50% off        (4)        
    17    Games opening to hype – city ablaze        (8)        
    21    Measures south winds        (5)        
    23    Israel rejects last alien gods    (5)        
    24    The way of the poet?        (5)        
    25    Approach, arrest and imprison        (5, two words)        
    27    Ward off approach        (4)        
    28    She’s good in game…    (4)        
    29    …rest of team used after wingers are sent off        (4)        
    31    This seizure gripping mentally deficient could create madman        (4)       
To enter this competition send your solution as a diagram or in list format, clearly indicating the charade and the ninth element, to me at before the 8th October 2009. The winner, picked from the hat, will receive a copy of Chambers - Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, which has been donated by the publishers. More information about Chambers publications can be found at