Slow Down, Walk by Nod

Each number has two clues leading to separate answers of the length indicated but the wordplay for one answer leads to an extra letter; half the extra letters are in the first clue, half are in the second one. All extra letters in order spell out an instruction which explains the grid entries.  Chambers Dictionary (2008) is recommended.
1    (i) Snow covering made it one to celebrate extravagantly (7)
    (ii) Separate small oven inside device for getting up (7, two words)
5    (i) Arabic sign shows Noah’s second coming to South Africa (5)
    (ii) Finished potato sent back in error (5)
10    (i) Reflected metals on wood make place to record data (8)
    (ii) Softer part of wood container written in book (8)
11    (i) Note time from East Central vein (6)
    (ii) Less satisfactory oarsman describes confused type (6)
12    (i) Sanction three-way coalition for long robes (6)
    (ii) Most of fragrant oil in side passage for reefer (6)
13    (i) Short gum tree humourless against grandmaster (6)
    (ii) Bury grandchild in Motherwell romp (6)
15    (i) Worshipping trouble-free band (4)
    (ii) Prompt converse of odd couple (4)
17    (i) Nerves may be when agent surrounds torpedo (6)
    (ii) Urges switch-hitter to enter swimming baths (6)
18    (i) Daughter provided companion, date disagreed (8)
    (ii) I follow workers in section courting (8)
21    (i) Sing of his fresh sea adder (8)
    (ii) Trifle about a certain lichen yielding a dye (8)
24    (i) Direct badly but in the centre of the lard? (6)
    (ii) Refuse to be well and happy returning for escapee (6)
25    (i) Buck counterfeit drug (4)
    (ii) Opponents embody lament for song bird (4)
27    (i) Initially make a holy cross before right prayer book (6)
    (ii) Ancient times for concert halls (6)
29    (i) Lobs heads of cauliflowers having soup (6)
    (ii) Miniatures have power for energy in pastures (6)
30    (i) Scrap protocol of two types (6)
    (ii) Middle of swamp becomes river that is for oyster-catcher (3, 3)
31    (i) In a smeared way misguidedly mixed this die (8)
    (ii) Bring to a standstill yet saw player moving (8)
32    (i) Pays the penalty – money in bottomless pit (5)
    (ii) Ransack chamber if levelling houses (5)
33    (i) Where wandering about creates a satirical place (7)
    (ii) Fine hotel being bridge player’s gambit (7)
1    (i) Delineates stamp collection (4)
    (ii) Finally moderates attack to all hail (4)
2    (i) Princess in overturned spurious great leaders (6)
    (ii) Bone in club – a substitute for rubber (6)
3    (i) Supports new chain for Ian’s cow (6)
    (ii) Spot the French after fancy man (6)
4    (i) Cruelly struck head off bluebottle obliquely? (8)
    (ii) John rather wet but furthest forward (8)
5    (i) Journey about a triangular piece of land (4)
    (ii) I won in poison area (4)
6    (i) Poet’s perished in time for delicacy (6)
    (ii) Where most of Tasmanian devil is subject to limitation? (6, two words)
7    (i) Haziness, possibly, is this measure of length (6)
    (ii) Pursue domineering bully, don’t start to remove pleats (6)
8    (i) Cunning sea devil to deprive of lateral organs (8)
    (ii) Essential five-dollar scheme for entering data (6, 2)
9    (i) Till money flows like liquid metal (8)
    (ii) Most wrinkled visitor not acceptable but in after short journey (8)
14    (i) Young woman stops Colorado beetles (8)
    (ii) Ideas even if Thomas loses heart (8)
15    (i) Check computer without chump twanging (8)
    (ii) Old red van dismantled round hut (8)
16    (i) Gun recoil resulted in knocking (8)
    (ii) By law day after prisoner once conspired (8)
19    (i) Hurried around ship and expressed contempt (6)
    (ii) Catch agreements recalling drinking songs (6)
20    (i) Too much perambulation back to front for magistrate (6)
    (ii) Empties lighters (6)
22    (i) Sailor keen to embrace (6)
    (ii) Edged a small distance into debt (6)
23    (i) Boys pleased for fellow girl’s name (6)
    (ii) Ascertain a church keeps Hebrew scriptures (6)
26    (i) Leave out reason why Sean is mean? (4)
    (ii) Call for attention – siding is greasy (4)
28    (i) Certain retention principal is more than two litres (4)
    (ii) Visit Eastern divinity’s Arabian heads for holy books (4)

To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format,  to before the 8th August 2010. The first  correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a copy of  Chambers Cryptic Crosswords and How to Solve Them' by Michael Kindred, Derrick Knight which has been donated by the publishers.