Archery? by Arsinoë

Clues are presented in alphabetical order of their solutions, and all but one of these should be fitted into the grid jigsaw-wise. The leftover answer is, according to an eighteenth-century observer of human conduct, equivalent to the five-word phrase (in ODQ) appearing in the perimeter (clockwise from the upper left-hand corner). Four answers are proper nouns; another is typically a prefix, but is defined in this puzzle as a proper noun.

1. Silver's forgotten Ranger's face, deputy
2. Everyone can enter Mississippi without hesitation after local broadcast
3. Congress provided that Sicilian spouter, turning over rooftop decorations
4. Directed forward from the rear, vulgarly torn asunder inside
5. Pioneering female MP's brought back gold for a Houston Colt .45 today
6. "Triangular" islander spilled a rum in bed
7. It's often kept up during misfortune to discourage a rodent
8. Proverbial omnibus arrived, almost crossing circuit by hospital
9. Nothing is uncomplicated at first in steering craft
10. Peel away the "fundamental" covering to get the facts
11. Awfully tired and no longer tense?
12. Acted to protect old city from the east in charge of ancient priesthood
13. Choose to put up with a change of hands
14. Noisily make haste for such a short span
15. Clumsy writer skewers note in retrospect
16. Mottled skins of okra reveal black Irish vegetable
17. The Conqueror's churchman cut off the country, generally and specifically
18. Better dressed, but disavowing current gossip
19. At the table, it's ground rent that's nominal
20. Some abuse rude corporations' rejected modi operandi
21. Spooner's spoken concerning an arm of the Indian Ocean
22. Once again inspiring goddess upset heartless devil wearing a halo
23. Sculptures of Cupid, right to front, conceal reflective shroud
24. Dreadfully dirty? Not right
25. Signal something poisonous in the air
26. Tyrant supreme among Russian chiefs
27. Short skirt's sounding so la-di-da
28. Renovated most of layout around lake for more than one thou
29. Inhabitants of Vicenza mind aristocrats' land tenure system

To enter this competition, send your answers in list format plus the quotation to me at before 1st April 2005. The first correct solver picked will receive a copy of Chambers Concise Crossword Dictionary which has been donated by the publishers.