Missing Quotes by Ploy

Three-word phrase:

In each clue, the wordplay leads to the grid entry, but the definition is to be found in another clue. A coding scheme derived from this has been used to encode a three-word phrase in the shaded squares. You must decode this phrase, AND WRITE WHAT YOU FIND BELOW THE GRID.

1 Do nothing after penal reforms collapse (10, 2 words)
2 One-act plays dry up (6, 2 words)
3 Unearthly opera's opening right in New Hampshire (5)
4 Lecturer's always modest (4)
5 Female producer rarely shaped art, I utter (9)
6 Slight whistling sound after pick-up's raised (6)
7 Heartless cousin upset an ancestor (4)
8 US delivery-van rammed at the front in railroad crash (8)
9 Turkey in cooked Australian rice, without an oven (8)
10 Fine powder proves terribly harmful (9)
11 An animal without feet is almost losing its head (4)
12 Ship's cargo handlers unload freighter (oriental) (5)
13 Bridge position: open (raised) - down at first (3)
14 Lifting - aren't I struggling after record? (11)
15 Immediately head back in Jeep, abandoning magistrate (6)
16 White earthenware, a feature of up-to-date toilets (6)
17 Hasten nuclear plant cutting in the US (5)
18 Publicity agent remains a stupid, clumsy person (4)
19 Articles in Spanish and German - in four languages? (5)
20 One who performs right after little Teresa, a good turn of old (11)
21 Old fraternity member sums up (4)
22 Potential jurors accepted protective housing (4)
23 Departure of residents leads to reign of terror (3)
24 Cupid's fickle arrowhead, for instance (5)
25 Adjust neon, or it's too bright (9)
26 Dicky deserves to star (10)

To enter the competition send the solution in list format plus the three-word phrase to derek@crosswordcentre.fsnet.co.uk before the 1st September 2004. The first correct entry picked from the hat will receive a copy of Chambers Back-words for Crosswords which has been donated by the publishers.