Evil by Chalicea

Answers to clues in italics must be adjusted before entry into the grid. Each of the remaining clues contains a misprint of one letter, occurring always in the definition part of the clue. The misprinted letters, in clue order, will indicate how to enter the answers to clues in italics.

  It's detestable in revolutionary and assailed with bitter abuse (7)
    6  Smartly hit a mugger (4)
    9  The French and half German beer (5)
  10  Luxembourg, Italy, Switzerland, England and Norway put together a compound plane (6)
  11  Ban smells produced by the cooking of Muslim potentates (5)
  13  I am in charge, absorbing a bit of battering consisting of a type of terse rhythm (6)
  15  Means of admittance for the desperate, alternative - to die (4)
  16  Bed model or example, (could be good!) with raised rim and head of red and gold (6)
  18  Ringing sound, old core word in international radio communication (5)
  19  Openings of enquiry into the German type of tuck that produces warm bed covering (5)
  20  You and me ultimately enhance hut to some purpose (3)
  21  Dynasty and maiden unite creating device for starting fire by generating mere heat (8)
  25  If a wall collapses, lie apart (8)
  27  Fist Sid Injured (3)
  29  French lad formerly in a British phone company (5)
  32  Atmosphere recalled at first mail rooms in ancient houses (5)
  34  A thing causing extreme dread in an Arctic ship list by Franklin (6)
  35  Termination of cuisine with additional scoop into water (4)
  36  Redeemer losing independence in a trice (6)
  37  Fears game of hazard where slayer throws dice (5)
  38  Entropy, a rate of speed and resistance for an instrument for reversing a telegraphic current (6)
  39  Wait at table for first hit of the bell (5)
  40  Indian fish - roughly about two pounds but a weight of widely ranging amount (4)
  41  Braided with craft in dendritic manner (7)

  Restrained, with month inside, measured the duration (5)
    2  Blood fine in old Irish law when death flowers (6)
    3  Person who is now qualified has line with something that brings a good income (7)
    4  Beginning voyage, elks after the start of autumn, leave soddenly (7)
    5  Magistrate is remediless, lacking direction, surrounded by marines, and with no ship (5)
    6  Not raring to perform one note after another, and ultimately terrified (5)
    7  Dove with a soft swishing sound, changing direction in a spiralling pattern (5)
    8  Set all the interest of first bits of English total profit (7)
  10  Organism having life, soul and love initially (6)
  12  Witter about one good government operating system being brought back (7)
  14  Chaps with no luck going round on nags (4)
  17  Half rely on, at some time in the near future, a person who creates rinks (7)
  20  Man, who is flesh (newly so!) establishes loose woman? (7)
  22  Suture repaired vain part of female reproductive system (6)
  23  Fleshes angels out with a bit of craft (7)
  24  Voice and hand gesture for broadcasting bard (7)
  26  Watery liquids - in river - in ocean (4)
  28  Recompensed concerning help after opening of parliament (6)
  29  Warning call when going in to sand in emergency in British speed contest (5)
  30  Starting price zero before beginnings of oriental race track (5)
  31  Cure sick steer (5)

         33  Hardy's lass gets a tax-exempt account! (5)

To enter this competition send your solution, in list format, to me at derekharrison@yahoo.com before the 8th May. The first correct solution picked will receive a prize of Chambers Crossword Lists which has been donated by the publishers.