Jigsaw By Top Cat
Answers begin with the letter indicated, and their positions in the grid must be deduced

A    Praised XXX film: Heartless (8)
B    Amusing prank, but it’s ruined! (8)
C    Celery head eaten, or another source of goodness (8)
D    Steal my sunshine? (8,7)
E    Get the silent treatment (6)
F    A difficult task for a claustrophobic cosmetic surgeon? (4-4)
G    Going out snooping secretly, I initially stick my nose in and chatter with other busybodies (8)
H     Flower the West Indies converted into heroin yield – source of alarm (8)
I      I’m content to wait in the same place (6)
J      French partner’s first name (8)
K    One who makes distinctive clothing in good condition? (6)
L      Musical textbook (8)
M     Where a football team might come round in 1986? (6)
N     Underground workers and I show cunning in arousing deeply-held feelings (8)
O     No capacity to increase, that is key (8)
P     An icon’s portrait reveals indecisive characteristic (15)
Q     Manuscripts used by vocal performers (6)
R     A resounding kind of “Cheerio!” as I departed (6)
S      Down welcome refreshment (6)
T      The bottomless pit may be a good move for the B (6)
U      Odds that are not fair (6)
V    A wide range of chocolate I ravenously consumed, and brought back up! (8)
W    Bird’s clothing kept warm (8)
X    Perhaps male member of Royal Family returns as great King (6)
Y    A year in the past (6)
Z    Wind fine fabric (6)

   To enter this competition send your solution in list format, in normal clue order, to derekharrison@yahoo.com before the 8th July 2008.    The first correct entry drawn will receive a copy of  Chambers Book of Azed Crosswords, which has been donated by the publishers.