Not In This Game by Mr Magoo

There is a consistent entry method. Numbers in brackets indicate grid lengths.
1 Brief vote on rise (3)
4 I don't know about farthing put into circulation falsely (3, two words)
7 Sound of one shifting supply of alcohol (4)
8 See failure to begin preliminary examination? (2)
9 In Skye, harass women leaving boat (3)
11 Peculiar idiom for classical measures (3)
12 Being lame, run away from radio award (3)
14 A first impression that satisfies one? (3)
16 Part of film shows disheartened dissident (2)
17 Gold sovereign given to colleague during speech (4)
19 Butcher's floor not coloured floor? (3)
20 Pebbles start showing with tidal inactivity (3)
1 Check on meeting found in forest (3)
2 Get data from doorway, perhaps (2)
3 Workman versed in force (3)
4 Lighter given as present to one in the morning (3)
5 I judge ignorant types that will do right (4)
6 Went forward one day, about 3rd of January (3)
10 E.g. New York twice dropped aubergine produce? (4)
12 What's good (by on-screen Oliver)? (3)
13 Idiotic booby, or raw recruit? (3)
14 Head of Lords leaving perfect noblewoman (3)
15 Tsetse fly could be distressed less by this old strain (3)
18 British leader emerging from battle exhausted (2)

To enter the competition, solvers should send an anagram of half of the letters "not in this game" (32 letters). Entries should be sent to before 1st December 2003. The winner will receive a copy of Chambers Cryptic Crosswords and how to solve them.