Borderline Clue by Grypt

9dn,11ac is a familiar phrase (not in Chambers). A cryptic clue for this phrase (5,7,3,6,2,5,3,2,4,2,5) occupies the perimeter – a clue whose surface reading is crossword-related. Both phrase and clue should be worked out from the checked letters available, supported as necessary by their relationship as cryptic clue and answer, and entered to complete the grid. The clue starts in the NW corner square and continues clockwise all the way around, letters from the SE corner onwards therefore being entered in reverse.
8 Man cancelling one mass leaving unleavened bread tacky (6)
10 Crop fringes of Mafiosi, lento (4)
11 See 9dn
12 Harsh god’s commission a cut (5)
14 Compound ground rent that is collected (6)
15 Plenty of short, English chimney pots around (6)
16 Struggle to keep husband? Fine, berths here (5)
18 Over breaks novel has me hooked (6)
19 Of a routine from which one is twice excluded, satisfying (6, hyphenated)
22 Call gastropod discharging phosphorus extreme (5)
25 Harry polled about islander (6)
26 With king knight cornered initially through what difficult move? (6)
27 Slime layer’s yield coats trimmed piece of coal all over (5)
29 Bandleader’s jacket over peculiar raincoat (not cape), cord lining (9, hyphenated)
30 Begin lawsuit against top executive missing deadline (4)
31 Rings diminished in Lunar forms (6)
1 Bones of offspring lacking periosteum? (4)
2 Soprano can’t stay with more alert musician (6)
3 British providers of accommodation and department of personal delivery (6, 2 words)
4 Implants tease doubling round section (5)
5 Correspondence between Latin and English – I’m declining (5)
6 Bar none, standing up on a mower if one provides emergency service (9)
7 More than one plain bob on a bell not half swinging! (6)
9,11ac See preamble
13 Spectator sporting hemp-soled shoe (9)
17 Parts of lever system adjusting cellular length cut out under force (6)
20 Ride over road perhaps, endless attention to mane? (6, hyphenated)
21 Eponymous footballer’s suspension: catching ball; sexual deviance (6)
23 Reptile clue (not in this puzzle) – curassow (hidden) (6)
24 See 25
25,24 Day, country abbreviated handles spot quick reference (5,5)
28 Fantastic number offloading Yorkshire port, unknown purple device (4)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format,plus the words in the perimeter, to before the 8th November 2010. The first  correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a copy of  Chambers XWD: A Dictionary of Crossword Abbreviations which has been donated by the publishers.