The X Factor by Qaos

Nine cells contain letters that are not indicated in the wordplay of the relevant clues. These letters can be arranged into a logical sequence.
Tracing out these letters in the grid in sequence order will reveal another letter.  Highlighting this letter throughout the completed grid will reveal a fitting conclusion to the puzzle.

7    A first assessment is overturned following article's composition (8)
9    Thrashes the French and the Italian teams, finally (6)
10    Report passed far off the mark (4)
11    Queen's character is extremely lacking after nation riots (10)
12    Lures politician into film with direction (6)
14    Bridges over hard books for a picture? (8)
15    Garments worn about as ruffs, regularly (6)
17    Aim for high grade, ripe bananas (6)
20    Cross soldiers need poetry (8)
22    Sparrow, perhaps, is beginning to peck at in anger (6)
23    A foolproof indicator? (5,5)
24    Wrestling character with big clothing gets flipped (4)
25    Before midnight, they say you can trip (6)
26    Extend chess rating with board control? (8)
1    Sailors run into sea with difficulty (8)
2    Riveting card game? (4)
3    The leading lights of old silent cinema always received shiny awards (6)
4    People backing terrorists get prison (8)
5    Skimmer with violent streak? That's right (5-5)
6    Second lot to get smashed (6)
8    Painter found in applecart is Turner (6)
13    Fiddle, fiddle, fiddle? (4,6)
16    Limbs are for journeys (8)
18    I'm into property assessment (8)
19    Play game with note of small amount (6)
21    National winner to make a killing over (3,3)
22    Proletarian partially mixes fuel (6)
24    He's wise to drop English (4)
To enter this competition send your solution, as a diagram or in list format, indicating the letter and the conclusion to the puzzle, to me at before the 8th November 2009. The first correct solution picked will receive a copy of Chambers Dictionary of Beliefs and Religions. For more information about Chambers publications go to Chambers website