Crossword 6 by Scorpion


7 River twisting by tower is declared Dudley's top attraction on film (2,5)
8 Bowler perhaps pitching hard into the head against Aussies' opening pair (7)
10 Cover comes in closer, three stay out, for one of Warne's balls (6)
11 Worry Tory moderates (4,4)
12 Snapper with phone to the ear tracks one leading reveller wearing Chanel (9)
14 One on hand to entertain needing guts in Tosca song (5)
16 Type of club training which can bore (6,5)
19 Bouncer produces catch from deep, Vaughan's last run not counting (5)
20 Perhaps human cannonball roughly fired to the audience (6,3)
22 Old 15 lacking energy, coasted in intervals, needing sugar essentially (8)
23 Wicketkeeper ran team catching with slip (6)
25 Romance over with flirty woman of the cloth (7)
26 Rattle opponent following coin one tosses in game (7)
1 Queen in limousine waves (7)
2 Maidens in evening session define England's new beginning (4)
3 Skyer possibly striking behind ear (9)
4 The sandwiches surely will have crusts off just before tea break (5)
5 Traditional medication course beginning to sound last resorts (5,5)
6 Father time on top of Lords nicked by tea leaf - even bits are left somewhere in trousers (7)
9 Spinner getting line and length to follow suit during series (6,5)
13 Appeal around ground for this fellow to be out - place no.14 chanted? (5,5)
15 One on strike taking credit for lead? (9)
17 Clothing worn from ball rubbing used to restrict - a sign of times? (7)
18 14 regularly besieges old department store for malicious gossip (7)
21 Full house is involved in this game's entertainment (5)
24 Target of Poms and Aussies is waving urn by end of series (4)

To enter this competition send your solution, in list format, to me at before the 1st November. The first correct entry  picked will win a copy of Chambers Independent Book of Cryptic Crosswords which has been donated by the publishers.