Crossword Showcase

Something Different by Mr Magoo

The Across clues are of the Letters Latent variety, in each of which one letter is omitted (as often as it occurs) from both the grid entry and the wordplay in the clue.The latent letters spell out the appropriate introduction for the unclued lights (three of which are of two words). Down clues are normal. Chambers (1998) is recommended.


1 Road goes round NE Welsh town
4 Longs to get changed around black fairies
11 Nothing expires leaving more than one corpse
12 King new and inexperienced
13 He instructs head of Eton in poetry
14 Intimate chats - Society follows one involved in lots of drugs
15 Suspicious reversal of dance manoeuvre
16 Fair amount of money in fund left
19 She dominates written works about President
21 Noun form starts to precede unusual Russian adjective
22 Views held by surgeons?
25 A desperate man, a lunatic
27 First person's old county
28 Perhaps bishops' greeting at sacred site
30 Cattle disease found in donkey? That's painful!
31 Mouthpiece for police
1 Everyone hasn't left singleton on her own? (5)
3 Publish sentence in reverse (4)
4 Old romance gets confused about end of love (5)
5 Yellow vapour marks climax (6)
6 Irishman, for one, is leaving punch? (6)
7 Catch the sportsman (5)
9 First lady replaced Bill's heart to cut and shape (5)
17 Splash as full repertoire, maybe (6)
18 Legally prevents pest, so wild (6)
20 Securities traded daily (5)
21 Rarity is to criticise lawyer (5)
23 Half-hearted punctuation not sensible in these? (5)
24 Becomes dull, corporate group (5)
26 Last sights of Ali, taken over to box in Japan (4)