Comings and Goings by Tashunka

Each clue contains an extra word, whose first letter should be removed from the answer wherever it occurs, to be replaced by its penultimate letter. One or other of these letters, when taken in clue order, spell out a quotation whose author's full name must be highlighted in the grid. Chambers Dictionary (2003) is the primary reference.

    1    Dazzling Hollywood personality sadly harmless if left out (7)
    6    Bearing in river explains waste matter (6)
    11    Blood-poisoning alleged - am I to axe brewing? (8)
    13    Take fancy medley, initially leave out early repair (6)
    14    See, modernising minister has same plates (7)
    15    Official nonsense - yellow revolving arm (5)
    17    Antelope spoils long story about Italy (5)
    19    Imagined drymouth terror enveloped me (7)
    21    Franks' late law of succession - social upset nothing left (5)
    22    Raunchy girl from Ireland upset after kinky lad leaves (4)
    25    Embarrassed - woman with erotic record is hot (8)
    26    Induce side into rioting and rabble-rousing (8)
    27    Wine at the heart of affluent feasting (4)
    29    Palm genus caught in space cargo (5)
    31    Intensify economy, hence an adjustment needed (7)
    34    Viscount let criminal out of volatile arrangement ? There you are (5)
    36    Prevent the German grabbing debit note (5)
    37    Note positive line in numeric talent produces great difficulty (7)
    38    Sever digit using unusual knife (6)
    39    False praise in Lebanon brings regional revenge (8)
    40    Boys stigmatize unknown spirit (6)
    41    Edmund's named them twice about singular expert (7)

    1    Boxing method put vessel in very stormy sea (6)
    2    Extra slippery character returns after most excellent brawl (5)
    3    Hospital houses final union leader (6)
    4    Charity feeds neat family (5)
    5    Filled up though removed young dairy girl (4)
    7    Book in the beginning introduces epic rock band (7)
    8    Arab's hysterical cry - consider carefully then change direction (5)
    9    Form of witchcraft Macbeth smarmily worked right away (7)
    10    Measure dividing cagy youths ruined action (6)
    12    Country led by obtuse European offshoot (7)
    16    State supporting alien prince is out of condition (6)
    18    Sick terrorists return leaving seed coatings (6)
    20    Pacific rhapsody created by Irish Republic meeting leaders of Northern Ireland community (7)
    23    Her first herb garden and mole perhaps, asleep (7)
    24    Newly discoloured and adjusted instead (7)
    26    Teetotal journey in Seychelles is barred (6)
    27    Northern French town resists African fruit (6)
    28    Shut in angel with demon drink  (6)
    30    Keeping old father in Greek dance (5)
    32    Stop rivers in church catastrophe (5)
    33    Gang with European support enjoy pot (5)
    35    Press inventor sacked messy British nurse (4)

To enter this competition send your solution in list format, plus the full name of the author,  to before the 8th December. The first correct solution picked will receive a copy of the £150 leather-bound edition of Chambers Dictionary which has been donated by the publishers.