Where there's matter by Porlock

Seven straight lines and one curved line will need to be drawn in the completed grid (passing through 33 squares in total). More information is given by the first letters of superfluous words in across clues followed by superfluous letters in the wordplay of down clues, taken in clue order.

1 Intimate wooing succeeded in time of prosperity(5)
6 Dicky engine's behind a motorway pile up(5)
12 Rehearse quietly before recording in especially good acoustics(7)
13 Two glaswegian airline pilots(3)
15 Over-exaggerate unfinished letters' existence (4)
16 Small trucks are negligently set up, lacking power in reverse(4)
17 Reject sole survivor(5)
18 Units that might be used by surveyors often and farriers occasionally (4)
19 Young people today force fathers to softly sob(4)
21 Come from Mesozoic era, before Edentata developed(8)
23 African plain has only one dead fox ,for example. (5)
25 A thousand cries of grief trumpet closure of book stall(5)
27 Headhunters feasted on savages with hearts ripped out(5)
28 His house is a London Museum: take a left out of Sloane Square(5)
29 Earth battery incorrectly, invalidating large amount of memory(8)
32 Bishop in nun's bedroom may have got cold feet, by the sound of it (4)
34 Possibly soundalikes: a sandwich and a sandwedge, for instance (4)
36 Collect tittle-tattle without using a snooper(5)
38 Coloured ring made by rusty oilbath when lifted up every so often(4)
39 Updated recipe available:"Grub up!"(4)
40 Plough in cereal crop (3)
41 Lenten torch song penned by contract musician short of money(7)
42 Mr Ian Stewart, maybe, by virtue of position, could give display of cowboy skills(5)
43 Tough, heartless, not a wary one(5)

2 Euridice's first love's entered into diabolical inferno (not in English) (5)
3 Freemason murdered king for a preacher(8)
4 Workmate's investing nothing in back-to-back operations(4)
5 A dame, in the midst of drunks, in a frenzy(6)
6 Arrest owner regularly setting fire to premises on purpose(5)
7 What elite corps ate meat in (and vice versa!)(7)
8 The Faerie Queen's behind's a part with special character!(4)
9 Group made equal on removal of King(5)
10 In Scotland little is invested in tax to make things better(7)
11 Doctor Robert sees a Carribean capital(10)
14 Phoebe's one sly, spiteful woman about Rosemary for example (10)
20 Pious representation of "Mary holding Christ Crucified" is timeless(3)
22 Enucleate cell like an erythrocyte. (Also known as "not drawing blood" or the equivalent)(8)
24 Den's in a bed- with Heloise, perhaps?(7)
25 Look for Tony inside climbing centre(7)
26 Lament state of Britain(3)
28 Martyred apostle of a clan in Ireland(6)
30 Learner's lost in Volvo joining autobahn from the beginning(5, two words)
31 Tourer's fixed, see!(5)
33 Old police force make mistake turning to come round again(5)
35 Push cycle? Not I!(4)
37 Underwood's beaten Edrich, not the tail-ender(4)

To enter this competition send your solution in list format, plus a clear description of the curve and 7straight lines to derek@crosswordcentre.fsnet.co.uk before 8th July 2007. The first correct solution picked from the hat will receive a prize of a copy of Chambers Book of Azed Crosswords, which has been donated by the publisher.