Seasons Greetings II from Eclogue

All forty clues are letters latent – there are two solutions in each column and row and the letters omitted from the subsidiary indications should be placed in the perimeter square most logically ‘adjacent’ to each.  Each clue also has a misprint within its definition.  The correct letters spell out an instruction to be applied to the central 10x10 section of the grid.  The perimeter can be finalised to realise a hearty rendition, but solvers will find that the corner squares would provide the wrong season and should therefore reverse one word of the rendition to correctly complete this years Christmas card.  The lengths in clues refer to grid rather than answer lengths.

1. One who folds good folds mostly following author’s proof (6)
7. Trolling letter on the front page (2)
9. Back chat inside old pub in SA (5)
12. Dome visible in dizzy rise (3)
13. Ed’s grad lives in Lithuania (4)
14. Esne’s lining channel with core of metal (5)
15. Maybe braves’ ceremony by river (5)
17. Pole used for cooking - it’s held by John Gilpin (4)
18. One regularly joking, perhaps, to take after me (3)
19. Miss town’s appeal with space (4)
21. Larks scattered by jumps on trees (5)
23. Cursed one in Jock’s orb (3)
25. Fibre seen in image of mowing figures (4)
27. King digging constant star, proceeding in the van (4)
29. Gave a thicker letter to journalist (5)
32. Introducing number of musks, say - deer man isolated centrally (3)
34. Slough’s selection of wines on sample card (6, 2 words)
35. Building’s wing having reversed brick in Edinburgh (2)
36. Norse version of yurt found about the edge of Arctic (5)
37. Would toy, returning, afford a bit of diversion to grandchildren? (5)
1. Rules on looking at rush before editing (6)
2. Cobber’s dingo in India? (3)
3. Genes involving small rodent and flower (3)
4. Holy through spelling right in Low Latin? (6)
5. Henry’s mythic composition moving in tome (7)
6. Like wine drunk about both directions (6)
7. Encircle soldier with belt in KL (6)
8. Ozzie milko weed over yoghurt after early starts (3)
10. Pig-rat devoured thin cracker, perhaps (6)
11. Observe variable being returned, one with twin digits (4)
16. Of course, tasteless quality in the extreme sits awkwardly around most of capital (7)
20. Edition blocked by broadcasters after they help with authority (6)
22. Vox Romana’s origin’s in Europe (3)
24. Set out for sheep in the Highlands (3)
26. Met up once on railway (4)
28. Established a year ago (4)
30. Theme is Eclogue’s Christmas card, principally (3)
31. Dies in Ocker’s salvo (3)
32. Following the babe’s mounting fit (3)
33. Murphy’s endless poo (3)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format, plus an explanation of the final grid, to before the 8th January 2011. The first  correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a copy of  Chambers XWD: A Dictionary of Crossword Abbreviations which has been donated by the publishers.