"Flying Supersonic" by Rebus

7 unclued entries are all members of "Flying Supersonic". 29 clues contain a superfluous word, the first letters of which, when taken in clue order, spell out three parts and their collective title. "Flying Supersonic" is the 4th part. Solvers should highlight an 8th member of "Flying Supersonic" appropriately concealed in the grid.
Unchecked and mutually checking letters of the unclued entries could spell "CHAMBERS LAWN BATCH".

1.Take away Scottish sailor who reportedly pulled his head down to avoid being noticed. (6)
6.See preamble. (7)
11. Unruly group make a loud tapping noise endlessly. (3)
12. See preamble (9)
14. Return of police cheers popular restaurant "Maxims". (5)
16. Nothing in the box will instantly provide children's entertainment. (7)
17.Triple crown held by Croatia, not rare. (5)
19.It's the German festival of the New Year - take a fish! (5)
20. A few days work in Edinburgh sometimes drags on. (5)
22. Gun's locking spring has a weak variable making it dangerous. (5)
23. See preamble. (7)
25. Confine Greek character going on about Othello. (4)
26. Having practised for "Oliver" tries to get in. (9)
30. Who's enemy swaps a left for right? Israel's? Rubbish! (4)
32. Any movement outside I have to start is only innocence. (7)
34. Demonic obsession revealed by one possessed by supernatural power. (5)
35. Bush backing communist workers the French followed. (5)
36. Fix Italian organisation. (5, 2 words)
37. Nervous local daubs polled cattle. (5)
40. Benefits derived from gutless brute taking kick at start of Derby's season. (7)
42. Turn to go on back of boat - both ends look the same. (5)
43. Remains set in stone about sell off having lost date and time. (9)
44. Setter indicates compliance briefly but with difficulty. (3)
45. Losing first television, resorted unfortunately to back-up screen. (7)
46. See preamble.

1. Leaderless racist with injured thumb detailed an astronomical arc. (7)
2. See preamble. (7)
3. Apparently encourage rival to perform something of little value. (4)
4. Automatically discharge sailor found in vehicle with heroin. (7)
5. Leaders of the Serbians, Soviets and Russians or one of them…(4)
7…confused following blood types and carriers. (6)
8. Some salted butter, unlikely to be improved by drawing. (3)
9. Project collapse in quiet uncultured environment. (8)
10. Our men are prepared to change the title. (6)
13. "Sea Wolf" being alcohol free smuggles old rum on board. (4)
15. Oddly exclusive activator cordially greeting Italian. (4)
16. See preamble. (9)
18. It's endlessly tough in a research facility to rear a colourful sheep. (6)
21. Hindu goddess has to pay up for a bauble. (6)
24. Spell threadbare incorrectly - there's no advantage in that. (8)
27. Sailed right into endless trouble sent from the stars. (7)
28. Leafy pair steps back up inside. (7)
29. See preamble. (7)
30. Expel beak, perhaps, from a bird's nest. (6)
31. Fatty fish oil poured over last chip first. (6)
33. Cover all sounds with hidden tape recorder. (4)
34. Muslim leader reported to be orbiting space station. (4)
38. It's a long story till the end on page one hundred. (4)
39. Rabbit trembled, not half, when blade appeared. (4)
41. Australian group returns to a triumphant cry. (3)

To enter this competition solvers should send their solution in list format plus a normal cryptic clue to the highlighted eighth member. Send your entry to derek@crosswordcentre.fsnet.co.uk before 1st October 2003. The winner will receive a copy of Chambers Concise Crossword Dictionary, which has been donated by the publisher.