Carelessness by Rebus

4 pairs of 45's are omitted from the solutions to 7 clues before entry in the grid (2 in one clue). Definitions and numbers in brackets refer to the unaffected answers. Subsidiary indications refer to the unfortunate and on one occasion careless entry. This carelessness is explained in a quotation in ODQ by a character who is to be highlighted in the completed grid. All other clues are normal.

1. The Spanish and French follow retro fashion to the letter. (7)
6. Is it pathetic at supper to provide this? (6)
11. No time for Italian sauce. Change to Mexican. (4)
12. Just delivered 37 in a line (8)
13. Dodgy outboard - Rod might carry the fish (5)
14. Folk music captures heart of Turkish spirit (4)
15. She's withdrawn from Manchester's performance without them (7)
16. The partition puts me off! (6)
18. That place by the terrace could be fundamentally used for measurement (11)
21. Pious people hide love objects (5)
22. Greek produce work after no end of chatter (4)
23. Pale bird went topless (3)
24. Title confused without the final delay (4)
26. Flaw appears when chess player changes sides (5)
28. Heroine ends with lines from Dickens (4)
29. Bohunk spent odd week in Scotland (3)
31. Passed over the rest (2,2)
32. Takes off ear rings (5)
33. Did Barry perform like Eric Clapton? (8)
36. They restrain from Scotch; not in Glasgow! (3)
38. It's said to confuse American man on plane (10)
41. Redirected mail to South American address (4)
42. Was triumphant, without upsetting, in the year of our Lord God (5)
43. Has "Triple O" DJ yet played Beethoven piece? (8, 3 words)
44. Timber trade (4)
45. See preamble
46. Some masked lesbian runs off (10)

1. Ecuadorians cover up thanks to Chinese (6,3)
2. Spread egg over catmint (4)
3. McDuff's widow's right to brief hearing (5)
4. Gravity free world often ringed with gold (4)
5. Make fun of Tim's first service (6, 2 words)
7. Vessel raised and sometimes raised again (4)
8. A fish of essential importance was destroyed (6)
9. Antique fair, say, held Tuesday (7)
10. A line from Mr Spooner's skinny parrot (8)
12. Liberal senator hasn't got a prayer (11)
17. Strange lunar orbits acceptable but not widely approved (9)
19. After the convenience of Britannia the Queen might come from a Palace corner (6)
20. I get upset with reserve being put up for board (5)
21. Crept along topless, in fact nothing on at all! (5)
22. Smart bomb used for public amusement (8)
25. Visionary doctor takes on Edmund's field of study (7)
27. Buffalo Bill hides gold for pension (6)
29. Salt's tragic tale written in Old English (6)
30. Both cheers and jeers are forbidden! (6)
34. I post contents back as there's no substance to it. (10)
35. Fish that walks on roads? (5)
37. Revived in a new form when placed in front of northern light (4)
39. She starts jumping about doing exercise (4)
40. Ancient evil can turn heads (4)

To enter this competition send your solution in list format, plus the highlighted name, to me at before the 1st July. The first correct entry picked will win a copy of Chambers Back-Words for Crosswords  which has been donated by the publishers.