Puzzle by Anax

Solvers should highlight 9 thematic words in the completed grid.
    8     Becoming active but not ultimate setter (8)
    9     Funds low, son leaves drinking session (6)
    10    Cup permitted on mouth (6)
    11    Garage - behind small row of houses (8)
    12    It could make woman roar in Carib tongue (9)
    14    Bowman's horse removed from the lines (4)
    15    What Tamerlane destroyed somewhat, Caesar discovered (6)
    17    Variable course initially seen in course that's variable (6)
    19    Two types of temporary cover? (4)
    21    Perv wants cool street in city (9)
    24    Man, bishop, attending nurses (8)
    25    Scrap in friend's doorway (6)
    26    A lost girl - a posh one - gets to house on time (6)
    27    Essex duo switching flights (8)

    1     Ham sandwiches mostly tasteless? One's after cheeses (8)
    2     Poet's devilry not very unusual (6)
    3     Told to bend dipstick (4)
    4     Right-hand man (6)
    5     Sort me out with a rent boy covered in different material (10)
    6     No occultist's spoken of religion based on law (8)
    7     Football team almost completely human (6)
    13    How to capsize boat? Sail into these! (10)
    16    Forest Row birds eat up weeds (8)
    18    Those measured in golf, as ready to play round? (8)
    20    Agree to be firm with us (6)
    22    Refreshing drink possibly far removed from new cafeteria (3,3)
    23    Twist words to satisfy auditor? (6)
    25    Small type of rock supporting little weight (4)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format,with the highlighted words,  to derekharrison@yahoo.com before the 8th October 2010. The first  correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a copy of  Chambers Cryptic Crosswords and How to Solve Them' by Michael Kindred, Derrick Knight which has been donated by the publishers.