Quack by Cliew

Across clues each contain a redundant word: their initials reveal who has influenced the entry of the answers to six down clues. In these, definitions are of the original answers while cryptic parts and lengths
refer to the grid entries.
1. Roundabout Hans negotiated when driving out of  Siemens – on this? (8)
5. Returning officer in south east Germany is examined (6)
10. Barometer reading for wild fiesta (July to end of September) (7, two words)
11. On the subject of dreams: in one I obtained riches (7)
12. Former Indian statesman: a game bird originally hailing from the East (5)
13. Livens you up in green fashion nightwear (9)
14. Pompous chap did some taxidermy before Damien Hirst came round (12, two words)
18. Colourful operatic effects in scenes I cried over (12)
23. Asian suffers painstakingly, losing last four lovers (9)
25. Following of Egyptian god immortalised in metal (5)
26. Excellent art gallery shows Truffaut film (7)
27. Torture tool witnessed by journalist (7)
28. Being lazy: ‘Invent it yourself’ describes it (6)
29. Half-year term everyone sees in a different way (8)
1. Sailor posted abroad (6)
2. Very small one leaves for Spain and is irritable (6)
3. Foolishly bet gateau might be seen in French baker’s window (9)
4. That woman’s a mischievous creature, ‘the wife’ (7)
6. Belief in business when in debt? On the contrary (5)
7. The hunt for Michelle Pfeiffer’s Batman Returns outfit? (8)
8. Translates – and straightens out cruciverbally? (8)
9. Foreign film in which Ms Ono’s voice appears oddly (6)
15. One terrific show – two would be a sight better (9)
16. Fail to recall the location of UK’s premier ‘1 across’ (8)
17.Whip up one grand mint cream (8)
19. Second drink for the Prince of Wales and his mum… (6)
20.…given he’s inebriated in main part of basilica (7)
21.We cast about to reduce the waistline (6)
22. Cad drops out of frenzied war-dances. Come back! (6)
24. Deficient group of acrobats can tumble (5)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format to derekharrison@yahoo.com before the 8th April 2011. The first  correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a copy of  Smut A Dictionary of Slang which has been donated by Chambers.