Cross-over by Eclogue

Once the grid is completed, solvers should highlight a name, a location, a work and an abbreviated proclamation (33 cells in total), all suitably located.  One solution is to be entered in reverse. Clues contain an extra letter, or in a three instances a word which, in clue order, firstly provide a three word seasonal message and secondly the location of a separate requirement which solvers should cross-over to and complete as instructed prior to submitting their entries.

1. Member of island race contributing to brain drain (5)
6. Where Maid was martyred having lost name through sullied honneur (5)
7. Revolt sparing eminence in Tower (4)
8. Supper - royal size in France, I am without one (5)
11. Kit having resistance in chips (5)
14. Force has departed English Moody Blues, perhaps (3)
15. Tablet of Moses taking first of edicts in on cue (4)
16. Harrier, say, camouflaged in lovat (4)
18. Tuesday – Financial Times has section on snobby students (5)
19. Pipe once carved in tribal fashion after switching sides finally (5)
21. A racer at heart grips chariot (5)
23. Having thought, I dared to return (5)
24. NE felt surly marching in Eire (11)
25. Cape? I am wrapped up in one (4)
27. Initially pit shaft afforded lucrative metallic lode (5)
30. Four (brown) sunk in shot – terrific! (5)
31. Enigma firstly gives cracking riddle (5)
33. Murine gnawed against one’s property (5, two words)
35. Cheer follows e.g. Milton’s score (4)
36. Wend taking on leaders of Teutonic horde with one such dash? (4)
1. Tie up includes jack and king in break through? (6)
2. Is one soprano trouncing raucous crows? (6)
3. Powder from ground gravel (4)
4. Turn stereo off (5)
5. Ulster Unionist, after dividing, shattered my whole being (10)
8. Jeu de mots involved Mods with this balletic leap (4)
9. Once cared about in Early English - a barrier to the Bard? (5)
10. Forms dot in the embrace of St Francis of Assisi (5)
12. Orb is clasped by Henry frequently (5)
13. Silly-billy sold old glebe (4)
17. Thanks owing to one of the Chinese masses (4)
19. Some felt gloop bubbling up (3)
20. After sir's return, Further Education is abounding (4)
22. Opera company came up with pop music’s rhythm (5)
26. Holly’s daunted by opal, say (4)
28. Porter’s got endless day’s work ahead (6)
29. Be honest with First Lady, dot between the lines (5)
31. Compose codes occasionally in espionage (4)
32. Depot testing cures for yuppie flu in running water (4)
34. Nonsense found primarily in ridiculous moral twaddle (3)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format with the highlighted entries,  to before the 8th May 2010. The first two correct entries drawn from the hat will receive a copy of  The Daily Mail Pub Quiz Book which has been donated by the publishers.