Hospital _______ by Mango

Across answers must be treated before entry. Across clues are unusual. Four across answers are fully checked; their clues are given without number or length. Eight down clues contain an extra word which responds well to treatment. Once treated, these lead to a word thematically indicating the word missing from the title. Solvers should submit a clue for the full title. Please send solution and clue to before 1st April 2003. The winner of the clue competition will receive a copy of Pretty Girl in Crimson Rose (8) by Sandy Balfour.

1 Rejecting fine, I get a week inside (6)
5 Coasters detain advocate in the name of God on the Sabbath (6)
9 Draught in number one to start playing (6)
10 Essay on worthless writing (5)
12 Complete an abridged version of El dulce Noce (8)
14 Resident fellow almost found entertaining two drugheads? Put two and two together (5)
15 Applaud Hungary - entering Europe following Romania's lead (5)
19 Severely criticized director penning extended play (by Pinter originally) (6)
24 Chance meeting of moderate and drug cop dropping off cocaine (6)
28 An imaginary number's at the heart of serial time trials (5)29 The Spanish Tipple - a comprehensive book (5)
30 Endless noise accompanied opening of operatic event (8)
31 Receiver returns price paid for services, including credit note (5)
32 Bowman's about to attend hospital half-crazed (6)
33 Detroit's not got appeal arranged (6)
34 Lee backs leading skewbald after starting price drops off (6)
Pester Roger when he loses German body part
Tail piece found in design I'd never even remotely considered
Sell-out woman's title is noisome
After start of extra time, South Africa get the first try.
1 Born Edward Edward (it's not redundant). (6)
2 Leaders of Birmingham show venue - in deep end - somehow obtain autonomy (12)
3 A character reviled in Til Death Us Do Part (5)
4 Lager persuaded the German prodigy (6)
5 Trifles with fortified wine on board (6)6 A show on the radio, enjoyed at breakfast? (6)
7 Very accurate item A Thematic Algebra includes (12)
8 Bosses of secret police get expert to start shooting blanks (6)
11 Make Elba believe confused President is missing (7)
13 Looking after colt going to a bookmakers' enclosure (6)
16 Bulb's to secure first of prizes, I fancy (7)
18 Straw is inclined to leap to crass conclusion on society (6)
21 Georgia hurried and panted (6)
22 Redback touring drab vessel is not so bright (6)
23 Mistakes found in the letters of mischievous children from 2 onwards (6)
24 I move Tessa about before starting to sketch features (6)
25 TUC steel workers have a feeling of belonging outside Britain (6)
27 Find a buyer for sleek home (5)

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