Round Robin by The Crossword Centre

Of the 36 radial clues half are entered from inside to outside and the rest outside to inside. Half of the 9-letter entries in the outer ring, and half of the 6-letter entries in the third ring are to be entered clockwise, the remainder anti-clockwise. The 9 & 6 lettered circulars are in the correct order [clockwise] starting at square no.1. All clues are normal.

Radial (6 letters)
1. Carbon-lined quartz thrown over one side of the ditch
2. For research in poetry they are out in front
3. What is thrown up by primitive hoe makes Maori rail
4. Stirring action is sometimes seen by this service member
5. Religious ascetic being needlessly sent back when on the way to Holy Island?
6. To make attractive grenadine cocktail hold back gin
7. Captivate old South American god
8. Protection from above for Americans left out of Continental churches
9. Subdue rumour of homicide in Brooklyn?
10. I will leave antacid tablets for Edmund's "runs"
11. Every day finishes off badly - he runs away
12. With Pa going to rise again? Maybe if grim one of these got him!
13. When aunts mill around Henry offers respect
14. Stops speaking of Anastasia?
15. Is hibernating snake taking shelter to replace energy?
16. Models jumble-sale after a capital show of Delhi
17. Rover would have no problem entering from the orient
18. Is taken aback by sensible settlement
19. Like neigh and clip-clop? Hobson's offer cycles
20. Dicky MacKenzie's shedding skin manifests skin disease
21. Initially miners under Newquay discovered iron compound
22. Minute sampling of mercury and iodine found in fresh taco
23. We turn up and managed without cooks (with eyes closed!)
24. Spectre bringing out first sign of these shudders?
25. Would shaking substance out of sour fruit yield this saffron substitute?
26. Punk rock engulfs end of term party at university
27. Scruffy Nationalist supplanting MP that's not known
28. Joins college at half-term, just before first of seminars
29. Joey returned eating ordinary acceptable food
30. This girl trifles with cocaine for a bit of variety
31. Beaten green-eyed monster wasting energy seen with him?
32. Mobile phones may need support, losing resistance to change
33. Old bag appears in short thong without vest
34. Strip front off firearm, enquire into missing power
35. Self-willed and egotistical - no saint
36. Cause return of partial paralytic ileus

Meteorologists forced to log off for the holding of mysterious opinions. (9)
Kick out -- or bring in -- old cow for procedural cuts. The long way! (9)
Stares vaguely with electronic ignorance having come across a computer rodent (6-3)
Time to rush off, Robin, is when kids with far to go arrive (9)
Double up when consuming an Indian ? Just the opposite. (6)
Pot's cocaine's divine accompaniment, though inferior (?) (6)
Tobacco product is understood to come from the East with heroin (6)
No-one English could be a lover of Paris.(6)
Explorer of deep interior America missing high ground over there (6)
It's definitely settled: independence follows British involvement in old Ulster force. (6)

To enter the competition, solvers should send a list of the answers plus a normal cryptic clue to the 9 letter word which appears in the central circle to Entries to arrive before 1st November 2003. The writer of the best clue will receive a copy of Chambers Back-Words for Crosswords. Please also vote for your favourite clue.