Shift Work by Rebus

1a, 7, 11, 16, 22a and 31 are all examples of "Shift Work". 26 29 entries contain a misprint in the definition. The correct letters all need "Shift Work" to become 1ac. 27 also contains a misprint but in the subsidiary indication. The correct word will enable solvers to understand the significance of the order of the previous misprints.Unchecked and mutually checking letters in the unclued entries could produce "GREEN PEPPER CAKE, TA!"
Punctuation may mislead. The spelling of one proper noun is alluded to in Chambers.

1.See preamble
9.Woman's taking nothing without packaging, clean toys suite skilfully strung up. (11)
11. See preamble
13.Agricultural vehicles lose Turkey, Finch, Singer and Pidgeon perhaps. (6)
14.It blows across mad N. African country where science replaces doctor. (8)
15.In return, some seal cubs are what Ian might wean (5)
18.James in live recording (now the hit). (5 hyphenated)
20.Saints have a German then might contain Becks. (6)
21.Doesn't keep owt silent, sadly. (6, 2 words)
22. See preamble
25.Something better for god in backgammon? (5)
26.Spain is making a come back after dry beard game. (8)
28.Musical, (omitting a journalist from the cast) avoided. (6)
29. See preamble
30.Fleshy soldiers paid housing loan. (11)
31. See preamble

1.Remove paddles from a French smack. (6)
2.It's late perhaps, upsetting scheme to include lecturer. (4)
3.Spirit on the earth ridge, set off. (8)
4.Do this to bet, smooth chocolate made pacifist lose one. (6)
5.Creates unusual products from toe glands. (7)
6.Winter sportsman takes to cold, taller and thinner, no bust, the opposite. (8)
7. See preamble
8. Male's a fool of old property which has nothing for English. (6)
10.Word akin to stir. (4)
12.Changes bedevil Hal Braden. (10, 2 words)
16. See preamble
17.The man clears out; he took with him the Geryon omen (8)
19.Remove top lover from hollow tree. (7)
21.Colonials forced to line apart, not entirely people persons. (6)
22.Jointly endorse sound ratio of vase to the hypotenuse. (6)
23.Out of the sum, he adds up. (6)
24.One of the best players told to resit. (4)
27.He makes Ken's work right for the auditor, it's in the can. (4)

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