ALIBI by lx

Each clue contains an extraneous word, of two or more syllables, the deletion of which leaves a normal cryptic clue to a word. Of this, only the initial letter is entered at the number, the remainder at a space which will precisely accommodate it, to be deduced by the solver. To afford some guidance, the initial letter of the extraneous word is to be entered in the last space at the number. The fourth letters of the extraneous words in the across clues are to be entered in the unconfirmed spaces of the perimeter, which runs from square numbered 1 to square numbered 8; this will be found to spell out a quotation (ex ODQ 5th edn) from which the first word has been omitted. The fourth letters of the extraneities in the down clues spell out the name of the author of the quotation.

8 Starts to engage extra personnel - rude, slovenly, and unable to concentrate
10 Cold, twin-hulled vessel arrived, occupants close to death
11 Sub-atomic particle, therefore surrounded by tightened pieces
12 Discursive communication - sleep it off
13 Long-legged antelope, before being hastily swallowed by wildebeest, beginning to kick
14 Line of bushes - easy way to circumvent side opening in rosery
16 Used to be round North East and naturally gets smaller
17 Steer clear of humorous playlet about beginning of sectarian revolt
20 Free society replacing most of the lawmen making up falsehoods
22 Times wrong about long middle part of iambic poem 'The Hemi-parasite"
23 Islander's hut is totally o.k. after treatment
24 Chanteuse Lulu features "A month in Tel-Aviv institution"...
27 ... as does Molly Kerr reviving an instrument from the past
29 Unfit aged run to a crashed balloonist
31 Hydrocarbon that's great in Barcelona and rivals London
33 Nero greatly feared dead adder coiled round centre of wreath
34 Bison nutriment - something good about the fool
35 Balt allowed a bit of yuletide television
36 I catch up with leaders of terrorist activities in large mise-en-scene where Eire's laws are made
37 One of three boatmen yearning to return - about time! I'm talking to you!
1 Fellow union steward foolishly I trust, one century ahead of times
2 It's all right about designated surrealist's harem-slave
3 Even a single exiled mountain-dweller
4 It's derived from lichens - tallest part of force involved
5 I blow air into Nazi furnace - figure of speech about marks
6 One native American brought back a housewife today
7 This was also a shameful news report
9 Rome emissary hid uncertain status of inheritor
10 In Paris etching that put on a pale-green colour
15 Uppingham's head mentor, shaking in beam of light, created measurement of the galaxies
18 I try tofu, weakly minced - it happens by chance
19 University lecturer injured rioter beyond moderation
21 Yobbo left, no longer in episode
25 Carelessly pierce with pin, Pat's last hatpin - getting the point
26 Girl touching a kite-marked jacket
28 Edward Lear, he is wandering swagman's burden
30 I'll end wrecked, taking in water, if I do not use this sounder sea-rig
32 Ring telephone to get the message from nymph

To enter this competition, send the complete quotation and a list of the answers in clue order to before the 1st October 2002. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a copy of the Bradford Guide to Solving Crosswords which has been donated by the publishers.