Winning Clues

Ximenes published his puzzles in the Sunday Observer and competitors had to compose a clue to a given word as well as completing the puzzle.  The competition was fierce and the winning clues are of the highest standard. The clues given below are listed with the number of the puzzle, the date, the clue-writer and the clue. Except where otherwise indicated these are first prize winners.  The Prize-winner received a cup which he had to post to the next winner. Ximenes kept a record of every prize-winning clue in a notebook.  This book was sent to each winner who, when the next winner's name appeared in the paper, had to return it to Ximenes at his home in Five Oaks, Billingshurst ,so that he could enter the next name and clue. This book was presented by his widow, Mary MacNutt, to Eric Chalkley (APEX) at his celebration dinner on 27 June 1981.  In the fly leaf she inscribed this message, Apex, I would love you to have this.  Though shabby without, there are treasures within.

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1 - 250

1. 24 June 45 J R Tilley CATLAP
Once round the tiles for a drink
2. 8 Jul 45 L/A/C R R Greenfield UNSPEAK
Take back breathless Jerry's Derby mount
3. 22 Jul 45 D A Nicholls STOVEPIPE
Burst open two hogsheads to get a draught? My hat!
4. 5 Aug 45 A.B.C. puzzle A McIntyre CARCAKE
J'ai coupé un gâteau pour Mardi-Gras
5. 19 Aug 45 S B Green EDDYSTONE
Jack Warner, lacking capital, is on the rocks
6. 2 Sept 45 Mrs G H Garrow EGLANTINE
Wild with prickles ? Get a linen mixture !
7. 16 Sept 45 F G Montgomery PINCHBECK
Alloy, made by squeezing hard water, perhaps?
8. 30 Sept 45 H G Butters KINCHINMORT
An unusual child makes relations gossip a lot
9. 14 Oct 45 Words of Wisdom A P O'Leary DELETE (D & LM)
L'automne de l'ennui efface l'été de l'amour
10. 28 Oct 45 C Allen Baker ACROSS
The game is over when the French wing-halves drop out (6)
11. 11 Nov 45 H J Cape IMMANACLE
"Put away the leaven of malice and wickedness,"says the Collect, and surely man is wickedness
12. 25 Nov 45 G W Shepherd ACERBATE
When a cat hops it hops do what's left
13. 9 Dec 45 Norah Jarman IPOMAEA
I'm in the trailer with half a gun, anti-aircraft, in the middle east (7)
14. 23 Dec 45 Christmas Soirée J Blakey Punning name for narrator, who disliked C. Parties
Ivan Toby A. Lorne
15. 6 Jan 46 Norah Jarman ARRANGES
Disposes of the angels of Mons finally, after a bishop's letters (8)
16. 20 Jan 46 P Mallalieu UNVULGAR
It's not just vernacular to have vun with a gurl
17. 3 Feb 46 J Hardie Keir SICCA
The newer coin of the two a canny Scot makes sure of (5)
18 17 Feb 46 E F Watling LAMIA 'Endless Chain'
"'I have no friends', said _______,' no, not one'":but she had, a French one (5)
19. 3 Mar 46 T E Sanders SCREENINGS
Refuse showings of films as they have not been passed (10)
20. 17 Mar 46 Maj. A H Giles NIERSTEINER
This may be still escaping through the long Rhine Valley (11)
21. 31 Mar 46 W Rennie BODEGA
Good pull-up for Carmen (6)
22. 14 April 46 J Riley SLEEPYHEAD 'April Quatrain'
Little Boy Blue, who caused the sheep delay (10)
23. 28 April 46 O Carlton Smith HICATEE
I took a deep breath and came in front of Puss with ease (7)
24. 12 May 46 F E Dixon SWELLMOBSMAN
Thief who might even break into the almsmen's bowl (12)
28. 14 Jul 46 A E Wynne HELCOSIS
"This is giving me sheol (sic)," said Job (8)
29. 21 Jul 46 Norah Jarman RATAN
A limited company might be floated with this reliable staff (5)
30. 4 Aug 46 J T Young TWEEL (Golden Treasury)
Jean is north of the Border
31. 18 Aug 46 R Postill APRIORIST
Wanted. Reasonable performer for Paris trio. Experience not essential
32. 1 Sep 46 M D Cole TEMERAIRE
Are met (Turner's view) with anger in the fighting _____
33. 15 Sep 46 F L Usher TAMBERS
Sound qualities of English character can be discerned even in Mr Bates (O. Twist)
34. 29 Sep 46 L Johnson STAROSTA
Lead for Russian Hamlet? Get him from the Tass rota
35. 13 Oct 46 K J Harding RIFE (DLM) (Limerick Pie)
Final line: "Common sense", he fired back, "has no girth"
36. 27 Oct 46 R L Coats TARTARUS
Rather feather feather us for the opposite place
37. 10 Nov 46 Mrs W J Couper MISLABEL
Der tag __ Nov. 11, 1946
38. 24 Nov 46 S B Green WIND-HOVER
Hang around by the wings after your turn, and you'll certainly get the bird!
39. 8 Dec 46 P M Coombs GNATHIC
About two we open for refreshments: you can get gin and have a chat here
40. 22 Dec 46 M Anderson _____ (Suitable Present) (Present Mirth Hath Present Laughter)
Plum pudding for Banquo. ("Duff, I prithee")
41. 5 Jan 47 T C Fitzpatrick ALTOGETHER
Larghetto e rubato (tutti)
42. 19 Jan 47 S B Green HALLANSHAKER
The solicitor's firm
43. 2 Feb 47 Rev E B Peel DRESSING
Sauce for the goose-step?
44. 16 Feb 47 F R L Green PARIS (Hide and Seek)
Where to find errant couples?
45. 2 Mar 47 D I Randell RATTENED
46. 16 Mar 47 C R Malcolm LYSANDER
Loved her dissolute French friend and caused some talk
47. 30 Mar 47 T W Melluish GLOCKENSPIEL
Sounds like Bellman's or Ringwood's instrument, especially after clog-dance
48. 6 Apr 47 W E Green ADONIS (Knock-Knock)
______ or boo: Ah just throws tomatoes
49. 20 Apr 47 W K M Slimmings ESPERANTO
The tongue that Shakespeare spake? Only when you analyse him literally, and not otherwise!
50. 4 May 47 P H Taylor APOSTLE
No wooden spoon for the champion!
51. 18 May 47 Mrs B A Mallett LLANELLY
All back Orange Girl for the Welsh Town Selling Plate
52. 1 June 47 A E Smith RATION (Marrons Laces)
Tranio, disguised, offers a thin and slender pittance
53. 16 June 47 R Postill SHIN
Tramp, well fitted for conversion into light cutter
54. 29 June 47 Mrs D D'Eath SPONGE
How to do the washing with half the soap gone and no pegs
55. 17 July 47 T E Sanders NAUSEANT
The reappearance of the sun before the first of April will bring back the swallows
56. 3 Aug 47 W K M Slimmings SHEEP-RUN (Bank Holiday)
It might suggest a Bach chorale or a baa corral! (Puns here are out of place!)
57. 17 Aug 47 T E Sanders THEORBOS
Got the ball on the bony part of the nose, but pluckily played on
58. 31 Aug 47 L E Thomas ECLIPSE
In abnormal English September 151 in the shade!
59. 14 Sep 47 J D P O'Leary, Dr K P Whitehead TAME
Check: mate in two moves
60. 28 Sep 47 H C Hills HEEL (Theme and Variations)
Supply dollars in the eleventh hour? Just the spur we need!
61. 12 Oct 47 L E Eyres CREASY
Historian describing the rout of the Armada gives the credit to a midshipman
62. 26 Oct 47 A H Taylor HERCULES
No load-shedding needed on this grid, by Jove!
63. 9 Nov 47 F E Newlove STILETTO
It's to let, you find? But don't set your heart on it - the rent would take your breath away
64. 23 Nov 47 R Postill GLASTONBURY (Playfair)
Not "The Stolen Bacillus", but another sort of "lost bug" yarn by Wells
65. 7 Dec 47 F C McIntosh PIVOT
Set-back to eminent personage, usually right in the front rank
66. 21 Dec 47 Maj A H Giles TURKEY CARPET
After Christmas dinner I have a nap. If completely laid out I may be under the table
67. 4 Jan 48 E J Collman, S B Green, W E Green SURFEIT (DLM) (New Year Resolutions)
I will always pay excess fare if sure to be detected
68. 18 Jan 48 Norah Jarman ANTIGROPELOS
Made to go round the Calf of Man! That got the P & O liner's goat
69. 1 Feb 48 C Allen Baker MISANTHROPE
Like Scrooge, he rouses the phantom's ire
70. 15 Feb 48 S B Green GARBAGE
Does half-crazy Robert Browning say "Grow old along with me"? Refuse completely!
71. 29 Feb 48 L R Huxtable MITRAILLEUSE
"Let not the grape go to the head" (Old French maxim)
72. 14 Mar 48 W H J Wheeler TEMPLE BAR (Lenten Fast)
City bound, did counsel once stop here for refreshers?
73. 28 Mar 48 E A G Junks RHODESIA
Comment on the Cambridge crew heard outside the Union?
74. 11 Apr 48 C Allen Baker DEODAR
Dreadnought, going into a storm, raises cones
75. 25 Apr 48 I W Seaton PETROLEUSES
Blazers `a la mode Parisienne?
76. 9 May 48 G H Podmore VALEDICTORY (Playfair - Second Steps)
If a penny on beer is all there is in winning the war, I'm saying goodbye
77. 23 May 48 G G Lawrence MAROON
Air raid warning red
78. 6 June 48 A R Fraser CAKE-WALK (Pastiche)
Bound to get the prize, as long as someone provides the dough
79. Maj G W Shepherd SALOME
Perplexed damsel wanting a head and requiring nothing more
80. 4 July 48 T W Melluish GONERIL (Shakespeare)
Ignore fifty being disbanded? Father couldn't: she was
81. 18 July 48 L E Eyres CHARADE
Means employed to indicate that Mr Elton would house Miss Woodhouse
82. 1 Aug 48 F L Constable CURARE
Not to be taken: but a sovereign remedy used externally
83. 15 Aug 48 J D P O'Leary BUDAPEST
City partners, using different banks, begin to grow a nuisance
84. 29 Aug 48 E B Stevens SHINGLE/THIRSTY (Right and Left)
Like a gasper? Try this mixture - close cut, English blend
85. 12 Sep 48 E S Ainley SERGEANT
Sort of reagents most sensitive to inert forces
86. 26 Sep 48 R W J Newton ODOMETER
Bishop with nothing to do, having met with her in London, clicks at the turning of the nave
87. 10 Oct 48 A R Fraser SISKIN
Among St Francis of Assisi's kindred
88. 24 Oct 48 E S Ainley BRISTOL (Triple Limerick)
Here Lot's misguided wife turned round to see
89. 7 Nov 48 Mrs Caithness SEASON
Noah tussled with the ass for a time after the waters came on
90. 21 Nov 48 D P M Michael ROTHER
Stream of abuse to describe a bête noire?
91. 5 Dec 48 L C Wright CRETONNE
On recent form will be a length in front of the runners, if drawn on the rails
92. 19 Dec 48 Cdr H H L Dickson PARTRIDGE (Christmas Acrostic)
Cartoonist of Der Tag. May he rest in peace
93. 2 Jan 49 F E Newlove BUMBLE-PUPPY
Rookies' irregular use of park, frowned on by Battle School
94. 16 Jan 49 G G Lawrance SARDELLE
French Chamber divided - over a confounded red herring
95. 30 Jan 49 R Postill SPOONER
The Doctor might have described Reggie as a bit fat to play for England
96. 13 Feb 49 Mrs B A Mallett INTERLOCK (Playfair Pairs)
If you want to get engaged, there are three occasions you have to shut up about
97. 27 Feb 49 S B Green NESTOR
Heroic Greek crossword composed by Ximenes and Torquemada jointly
98. 13 Mar 49 C Allen Baker HUMERI
We start to murmur . . . our anger rises . . . then we're up in arms!
99. 27 Mar 49 E B Stevens SCARABEE
How Caesar came to be twisted round Cleopatra's little finger?
100. 10 Apr 49 E J Bell, C E Gates, F C McIntosh, Capt C Tyms LADDERING (Fin de Siècle)
Summer among the heather plays havoc with nylons
101. 24 Apr 49 J C W Springbett BARRACKS
Digs provided or provides digs at Chelsea
102. 1 May 49 H C Pilley ARCHIMEDES
Weight reduction guaranteed on my principle. I give mashed rice
103. 15 May 49 C A Thorogood MOSES
The mosquitoes leave nothing out, he prophesied
104. 29 May 49 Miss D W Taylor STARE (Printer's Devilry)
Eureka! I've come across a flat Atlantic, rowing!
105. 12 June 49 E R Prentice SMITHEREENS
State of a steamship blown apart by an exploded mine: yet the waist's there in one piece
106. 26 June 49 T E Sanders HELIOTROPE
I laid into the slave with a rope end for making a bloomer
107. 10 July 49 E A G Junks STRAMASH
What a shindy when one section of the band is a bar ahead of the other!
108. 24 July 49 P Irving HACKNEY (Theme and Variations)
Gee! Wouldn't one have to cut without Marshal(l) aid!
109. 7 Aug 49 J Talman PERI
Sindbad had one in every pier
110. 21 Aug 49 Maj P S Baines LEVIGATE
Smooth passage after a vile storm
111. 4 Sep 49 R O'Donoghue PLEASANT
Winning mount passes the post
112. 18 Sep 49 R Postill SHEET (DLM) (Headlines)
Undergraduates Heckle Attlee - Senior Proctor Acts - Ten Sent Down
113. 2 Oct 49 W R Watson-Smyth CRICKETER
Wanted. A Morris 1948 Sports Tourer, left-handed drive or similar
114.16 Oct 49 L C Wright TAPPIT-HEN
Chopin's greater companion - originator of many Scottish reels
115. 30 Oct 49 D P M Michael MISNOMER
Result of getting wrong first answer to Catechism is me!
116. 13 Nov 49 P H Rowley WATERLOO (Poetic Playfair)
Last stand of old buffers resisting Southern infiltration
117. 27 Nov 49 A H Taylor LION
For my part one swallow is certainly not sufficient sign that summer is here
118. 11 Dec 49 C Allen Baker MARAVEDI
Winds varied in the morning: hail during the day to the north of the Pyrenees: little change to the south
119. 25 Dec 49 W K M Slimmings UMBLE-PIE
If the bird's off, you'll be having the doctor in most of Christmas! You certainly won't like eating it
121. 15 Jan 50 I M Newall SNAPSHOT
Bite on the bullet: it's all over in next to no time
122. 22 Jan 50 C H Hudson LEATHER
Fell fully dressed into a wet trench, right in front of her - that's tough!
123. 5 Feb 50 T E Sanders LEECHES
One Minister of Health in an Attlee-Churchill coalition would not be enough
124. 19 Feb 50 R O'Donoghue BARHAM (or BRAMAH) (Six Characters)
He is railing against "Hamlet" without restraint and advocates Bacon as the author
126. 5 Mar 50 Cdr H H L Dickson RASPBERRY
A Lloyd George product lately received by his successors
128. 19 Mar 50 C J Morse AMMETER (Printer's Devilry)
A Dr Inge vetoed the line, and repeated the error
130. 2 Apr 50 T E Sanders MODERN
Current's just right for the fleet to get under way
135. 7 May 50 T E Sanders STRIPPED
Lost the thread and dropped every stitch
139. 4 June 50 E J Rackham HECATOMB
Performance of this appealed to the gods, but emptied the stalls
143. 2 July 50 H Rainger LAMPREY
I like a stone to lick, but split me, to lick a whole quarry!
145. 23 Jul 50 Norah Jarman STEWART
I need checking about skirts, Mr Gladstone admitted to the Canon
146. 6 Aug 50 W K M Slimmings BELDAME
No wonder the old lady's furious: she's nothing to show but the BEM and that's tarnished
147. 20 Aug 50 C Koop GATHER
It's vital to get harvests - waistcoats off!
148. 3 Sep 50 A N Clark FILIBUSTER (Playfair)
I rifle tubs at sea
149. 17 Sep 50 Cdr H H L Dickson DOMESTIC
Capped many years ago, but can still make them break
150. 1 Oct 50 C Allen Baker CAPILLAMENTS
They'll be unco pliant camels that can pass through the eye of a needle!
151. 15 Oct 50 Mrs N Fisher OPEN-SESAME
To spread goes against the grain? Just have this to go in and out at the right places!
152. 29 Oct 50 A H Munro SEA-LION (DLM) (Pemican Pie)
A lone little island upset this cross-Channel time-table
153. 12 Nov 50 S B Green SAMISENS
A flat can be obtained from us if you want it without being broke by the expenditure
154. 26 Nov 50 T E Sanders RABBIT
Saving up a little does multiply it quickly
155. 10 Dec 50 P M Coombs LYTERIAN
Ending disease is an awful trial with Nye interfering
156. 24 Dec 50 C Allen Baker LAVEROCK (Double Acrostic)
One-pound Hailstone Found in Field! - Morning Herald
157. 7 Jan 51 A E Clayton ORANGE
In case it is packed at Covent Garden, try the stalls at "Carousel"
158. 28 Jan 51 T Bilsborough RATING
Scolding at being included in call-up
159. 4 Feb 51 D P M Michael SPANIEL
Lies curled up taking a nap - let him sleep
160. 18 Feb 51 G G Lawrance RASCAL (Printer's Devilry)
If the Government ration sex, Tories will be a problem for the housewife!
161. 4 Mar 51 D A Nicholls TILLER
Keep your head, cox, or I'll show you who's master
162. 18 Mar 51 D P M Michael TITANESS
Seat isn't made to hold her!
163. 1 Apr 51 Norah Jarman LORICATE
The White Knight was making Alice giddy with burbled rot!
164. 15 Apr 51 C Allen Baker NEWTON (What's in a Name)
One who is "fresh" and not well brought up is notable for making advances with his optics!
165. 29 Apr 51 W K M Slimmings CABBAGE
One of two joint accompanists picked for a performance of Madame Butterfly!
166. 13 May 51 C J Morse RACHIDES
You can't strip the skin from them without showing a sign of a sore back
167. 27 May 51 Norah Jarman PARMESAN
Rasp me freely, right up to an end
168. 10 June 51 Mrs J H C Lawlor PIPS (Plain?) (Misprints)
Married by the captain, on deck, we are content of heart and hopeful of issue in due season?
169. 24 June 51 E J Rackham HOUSE
An unsatisfactory one, say Tories, till you put us in!
170. 8 July 51 H Rainger GUINEA
The rhino from West Equatorial Africa
171. 22 July 51 E L Hillman SERINGAS
Trees naturally provide a little bird with something to step on
172. 5 Aug 51 L E Thomas GARNISHER (Playfair Pairs)
Though there's only a piece of fish in store for him, he'll dress for dinner
173. 18 Aug 51 M Newman HATCHING
Lining needed for cells of white-coated prisoners that are almost crackers!
174. 2 Sep 51 J H Dingwall ANACREONICS
Car so ancient, it needs reconditioning. Try Cowley works
175. 16 Sep 51 Mrs J H C Lawlor HAIR-LINE
Women make up to me, though I may be stringy and thin and a bit wet
176. 23 Sep 51 C E Gates SPIGOT (Theme and Variations)
A splutter when it's about to start? Must be one of the plugs!
177. 7 Oct 51 J F N Wedge DESOLATE
Flat, empty, to lease, by arrangement, after beginning of December
178. 21 Oct 51 E W Richart HIDEOUS
All too plain! Composition of House changed, but divided about as before
179. 4 Nov 51 D P M Michael CADRE
Establishment of peace could be crazy crusade without us
180. 18 Nov 51 Mrs J H C Lawlor HESPER (Printer's Devilry)
Company - steady, men - 'shun! Stand at ease!
181. 9 Dec 51 D J Furley HANGABLE
Constable's work may secure this verdict in England: in America, they prefer warmer execution
182. 23 Dec 51 R J Hall MISTLETOE
I'm held in suspense at "The Family Reunion". You'll find me full of T S Eliot's eccentric characters
183. 30 Dec 51 G H McConnell SAUSAGES
Have they the guts to retain their secrets? Some have been known to split under a grilling
184. 31 Jan 52 K Reed MEREST / WYOMING (Double DLM) (Personal Column)
Freezing or snowing, my Yellowstone Geysers are renowned for a constant supply of purest hot water. Easy terms: Eli Zimmerwaum, Bath
185. 27 Jan 52 R Postill STOUT
When I have no head, the discriminating customer tends to sniff at me
186. 10 Feb 52 T E Sanders ASHMOLEAN
A wood-pile if old is just the place to harbour the ant
187. 24 Feb 52 G H Willett GROWLER
Improve the pound by the end of September. It might come as a jar to the American public
188. 9 Mar 52 C M Broun, C J Morse BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH (Anagram) (Timely Warning)
Show Cimber the deaf ear
189. 23 Mar 52 D J Furley SALTIRE
The charge for arms has put the pound into a sharp depreciation
190. 6 Apr 52 S B Green CHEQUERS
Inlaid boards used by cabinet makers
191. 20 Apr 52 C Allen Baker DENIGRATE
Smut - a blight of grain with deterioration beginning on the outside
192. 11 May 52 J H Gawler WATSON (Baker Street Playfair)
Eyes had I - and saw not
193. 25 May 52 E J Rackham TRADUCER
As far as things brought up again, with embellishment, are concerned, you can back him!
194. 8 June 52 C J Morse KNOWLEDGE BOX
It takes skill to hit the coconut
195. 15 June 52 Cdr H H L Dickson WALLABAS
By degrees the feller gets us down
196. 29 June 52 W K M Slimmings SHAMAN / SERIAN (Right and Left)
Keep mum! A bloke has to be a wizard - wants all I earns, roughly would
describe the old China!
2nd Prize clue by Miss D W Taylor (later Mrs B Lewis)
Chinese made tipsy by a siren - the charmer's a false one. (He's a wise man who keeps off spirits in Asia) (6,6)(R/L clue)
197. 13 July 52 F B Stubbs SCALES
Attached to skates, they help to give you balance
198. 20 July 52 LAC R R Greenfield THIRD
Riding used to be a cheap way to travel: now it's a pastime for high-brows
199. 3 Aug 52 G H McConnell HONESTY
Facing pain under the lash with grit is characteristic of the Injun
200. 17 Aug 52 S B Green ACCOUNT (Bicentenary)
A Chancellor takes care of what's untaxed at source in this!
201. 31 Aug 52 Maj J N Purdon AMETHYST
Myths have been woven about "the cup that cheers but not inebriates"
202. 14 Sep 52 Norah Jarman SPALPEEN
Naughty type of Limerick
203. 28 Sep 52 D Jones WEATHERS
They teach poor Britons the rudiments of Earth's violence to our kind
204. 12 Oct 52 Mrs A M Osmond ROSTER (Printer's Devilry)
Glad I could fall back on moss - brier tore my best clothes to shreds!
205. 26 Oct 52 LAC R R Greenfield CANTANKEROUS
Like a dog in the manger, eating malignantly with intermittent bark
206. 9 Nov 52 L C Wright PIEPOWDER
Pasty? Then use make-up! It's an old remedy for disorders of the fair
207. 23 Nov 52 P M Coombs PAGEANT
Occasion for the display of the buttons and bows of antiquity
209. 7 Dec 52 J C W Springbett ELAPSION (def of IMPERIAL) (Wrong Number)
There is a seat for a small one in the back row for the "March of Time"
211. 21 Dec 52 M Winterbottom CAROL-SINGERS
I, Scrooge, parting with nothing, with a snarl would turn them out
213. 4 Jan 53 R Postill LEMONADE
Article in French paper shows what people will swallow from the yellow press!
215. 18 Jan 53 T W Melluish BUCKFASTLEIGH (Playfair)
An order of black hue, give gifts, here reconstructed
217. 1 Feb 53 J A Fincken DEPOSIT
One means of making a dope refrain from standing
219. 15 Feb 53 Norah Jarman SOCIALIST
Disliking "blue" performances, I give monologues from Winnie the Pooh
221. 1 Mar 53 P A Drillien BUNTHORNE (Gilbert and Sullivan)
Pooh Bah expressed his sentiments - "Come here little girls"
223. 15 Mar 53 F E Newlove MELODRAME
Popular play with surprise ending - the lost earldom comes to ME!
225. 29 Mar 53 C J Morse TOUCHSTONES
Basanites: a tribe of fools said to use their bulls as stalking-horses!
227. 12 Apr 53 J S Young CATEGORIES (A Lovesome Thing)
Chancellor is eager to content all classes
229. 26 Apr 53 C Allen Baker MASCOT
Up in the morning and with the sun and early bed is said to bring good fortune
231. 10 May 53 J A Fincken PREAMBLE
Page after page after page before the blessed start
233. 24 May 53 C Allen Baker SAWDUST (Theme and Variations)
Spotted stuff - that's the stuff for stuffing
235. 7 June 53 C J Morse ASPHETERISM
In which the state's end is to reorganise all mastership around itself
237. 21 June 53 H S Tribe BASTINADE
Lashings of toddlers? Well, you could have abstained from it!
239. 5 July 53 J A Maxtone Graham GENISTA (Printer's Devilry)
"How démodé," reflected I: "Mole, a garment out of fashion"
241. 19 July 53 G H Willett MANDOLINE
It raises a song and dance, this race-swindle with a telephone cable
243. 2 Aug 53 C E Gates LODESTAR
Leader of the Magi, subtly portrayed by del Sarto
245. 16 Aug 53 J Hardie Kier GLAMOUR / SOPRANO (Right and Left)
Top-line artiste uses "no-soap" recipe for make-up - it entails only a very short time in a mud-pack
247. 30 Aug 53 F L Usher VAMPIRE
Stoker's nightmare: having to improvise a fire - and nothing to start it with
249. 13 Sep 53 E L Mellersh BALM
Old console - for a hand-blown organ