1001 - 1167

1002. 2 Apr 68 G H Willett PILLAGE
Be a stripper - put a becoming behind in the big money
1006. 5 May 68 C O Butcher CHROME-PLATING (Playfair)
Shiny skin - a sorry plight no cream is good for
1010. 2 June 68 D P M Michael MOTORIST
Once more is in wrong - in Britain, right's is denied him
1015. 7 July 68 D P M Michael HOAR-HEADED
Gray's description of rustic - not, it seems, unrimed but admittedly letterless
1019. 4 Aug 68 J H C Leach DISCORD (Misprints)
Czechs' leader gets involved in what could become sordid war
1023. 1 Sep 68 Mrs N M Gibbs CONSOLE
Give solace and support when there's a bust up
1028. 6 Oct 68 A Lawrie SATIRE
Are its cries for reform? Yes
1032. 3 Nov 68 Mrs B Lewis TENONER (Printer's Devilty)
Fleeing from an amorous début, Anan? Faster than the confirmed bachelor!
1036. 1 Dec 68 R Postill CORONETED
See what Marlborough's become, without one male voice raised? Are such heads a little uneasy?
1039. 22 Dec 68 T E Bell TEGMEN (def of LEGION) (Wrong Number)
The capsule will bring 'em back with added gravitational force after ten orbits
1041. 5 Jan 69 R Postill TEA-LEAD
Conservative film about what we brew; Heath admits beer unsuitable for children
1045. 2 Feb 69 W F Goodman SPLIT / MOUTH (Right and Left)
Lisp in confusion the beginning of that screed of Burns: recite "Wee thleekit, cow'rin', tim'routh beathtie"
1049. 2 Mar 69 F B Stubbs SLANGWHANGER
He gives a rambling performance with heartless fury
1054. 6 Apr 69 R Postill PINACOTHECA
This might be an apt choice for those interested in abstractions
1058. 4 May 69 D H Smith ARAGON BOLEYN SEYMOUR CLEVES HOWARD PARR (Anagram) (Theme and Variations)
Regard Henry our Casanova problem - Wolsey
1062. 1 June 69 A Lawrie CALLING-CRAB
I need rousin' before end of big claw comes into play
1066 29 June 69 D H Tompsettn RAVE / PAIR (Double DLM) (. . . and All That)
. . . slavering over his flame - the least inspirational of spectacles
1071. 3 Aug 69 Mrs E M Pardo ORACLE (Printer's Devilry)
Children taking piano lessons soon learn the sign "ff"
1076. 7 Sep 69 E M Hornby NEFAST (Misprints)
Stocking is not old and unlikely to run
1080. 5 Oct 69 W G Arnott ANDROMEDA
A man rode with devil's head to rock for me
1084. 2 Nov 69 C J Morse ANGEL-CAKE
Ten-bob coin now is all very old-fashioned: in America they'd swallow it
1089. 7 Dec 69 R E Kimmons, A Bristow ENCLOISTER
Rigged elections take place under duress
1091. 21 Dec 69 C G Millin WENCESLAS (Potpourri)'
A covering on the earth, dry and unspoilt, lay round about - I saw it
1093. 4 Jan 70 A H Jones MARTINET
Believer in bull market, I make a clear profit
1097. 1 Feb 70 Eric Chalkley PANTOPHAGIST (The One That Got Away)
What pig has to become when gripped by hunger?
1100. 22 Feb 70 G J S Ross BEAU(C)LER(C) (Letters Latent)
U eel-bar ruined me
1106. 5 Apr 70 D P M Michael LEXICOGRAPHY (Playfair)
What, if amiss, makes X go preachily potty?
1110. 3 May 70 N C Dexter IMPERSONATE
It's tricky to do this, says Danny, without me bra or me panties - very tricky
1115. 7 June 70 Mrs B Lewis FLESH-POTTERY
Product of the Tory's pelf, snarls the prosy left
1119. 5 Jul 70 J Sweeting RONDE (Printer's Devilry)
Court serving - King attacks - see the fur fly
1123. 2 Aug 70 N C Dexter MAXIMIST
I must take endless time with Xmas crackers
1127. 30 Aug 70 C Allen Baker TRAYBIT
"A tip, this?" the waiter snapped
1131. 27 Sep 70 N C Dexter CAROUSER (Misprints)
Causing stir in a mini perhaps, I ought to go home in a maxi
1135. 25 Oct 70 J A Fincken HILAIRE BELLOC (Diagonals)
A product of Balliol, I, here reaching a centenary
1140. 29 Nov 70 Norah Jarman CALLOUS (Carte Blanche)
Alien to Ruth, like the corn
1143. 20 Dec 70 C Allen Baker MORGIANA
Pantomime dame: a man disguised, with a built-in bust
1144. 3 Jan 71 R A Mostyn GENIPAP
Is one of the madder types, to drive back containing strong drink
1149. 31 Jan 71 DUNDERHEAD (Birdless Grove)
(Competition cancelled: Post Office strike)
1154. 7 Mar 71 Cdr H H L Dickson CLARIONET (Spot the Theme)
It only need a blow and there's blood around in about a round
1158. 4 Apr 1971 D V Harry ELEPHANT-SEAL
Sportively tells a peahen it belongs in a large pod
1162. 2 May 71 N C Dexter BEAM-ENDS
You may see 'em rise vertically and send AB reeling around
1167. 6 Jun 71 D H Thompson REBATO (Printer's Devilry) (Last Ximenes puzzle)
The Lord had a thought: Ask for Moses
1171. 4 July 71 DEMOCRAT (Competition cancelled)
Death of XIMENES
1195. 19 Dec 71 C O Butcher VAULTING-HORSE (Mishmash) (judged by ZANDER)
End of Ximenes' rule - having to readjust will be hard for an old stager to get over

Many thanks to Eric Chalkley, Tony Beaulah and Roderick Forman for supplying much of this information, to Robin Baxter who filled in the gaps from No. 604 to the end . Special thanks to Peter Cargill who completed the list from the beginning onwards and edited the entire document.