751 - 1000

760. 4 Aug 63 P M Coombs METAMORPHOSE PM
Change, by Medusa's head, perhaps, to shape more rocky?
764. 1 Sep 63 S Goldie SHIMMY-SHAKE
A hop in the days of Prohibition would make m-me s-say h-hik!
769. 6 Oct 63 C Allen Baker PENNY (Theme and Variations)
Source of a clink, no? Only if one is dropped
773. 3 Nov 63 R E Kimmons FIT-OUT
If going uphill watch the gear you're in
777. 1 Dec 63 N C Dexter TAILOR-BIRD
Fantastic warblers do it - sew leaves! Here's one among them
780. 22 Dec 63 D A Nicholls, R A Wells NOBLEST (Eximenamination)
Marks: (i) (20 out of 25) (ii) Gold discs, Beatles' fourth, from Top Rank
782. 5 Jan 64 J Flood SWELL
Belly? Take Swedish drill, less food and half the drinks!
786. 2 Feb 64 Mrs N Perry METAMERES (Printer's Devilry)
Always weary: our help ill: without one, may end life
790. 1 Mar 64 E J Burge, J Coleby, D A Nicholls PETER-SEE-ME (Sire and Dam)
796. 12 Apr 64 A J Hughes STRAKE (Misprints)
You need a telly to get "The Saint" and "Wagon Train"
800. 10 May 64 R A Mostyn CHARLEMAGNE, EMPEROR OF THE WEST (Anagram) (Letters Latent)
Men greet fresh law epoch at Rome
804. 7 June 64 A R Chandler DETRUNCATE
Prune: a dried fruit containing something unspecified to speed up movement within
808. 5 July 64 C J Morse WAGONER
My style of driving's old-fashioned - one wiggle, then wallop!
812. 2 Aug 64 Mrs M P Craine ABRUPT / TISANE (Right and Left)
Curt treatment of brat up in court is a necessary remedial measure
817. 6 Sep 64 Norah Jarman WYLIE-COATS (Playfair)
Slips over Scottish briefs? The Law Society's shattered!
821. 4 Oct 64 Mrs B Lewis SOMERSET
Hardy girl's up to an intake of half a gallon, when dry: a tumbler will do me
825. 1 Nov 64 L F Leason (aka A Robins) COACHES
They'll take on plodders needing a lift - those with nothing upstairs
829. 29 Nov 64 H S Tribe FAREWELL (Spot the Theme)
In Autumn we're piling up the last of the leaves
832. 20 Dec 64 G H Willett PENNY-WISE (Misprints) (Divertimento)
How can you make "in the manner of Penelope" mean unwifely?
834. 31 Jan 65 Mrs E McFee CARRIED
Bore will give the reverse of a short account - and what could be drier!
839. 7 Feb 65 R Brain GINGER (Printer's Devilry)
Butler's wider - a new honour - choice for irony!
843. 7 Mar 65 L E Eyres PRISTINE
"Enspirit" is wrongly spelt: that's archaic
847. 4 Apr 65 J B Sweeting FRENETICAL
Left are in, and the end of Alec. That's crazy! Stark staring bonkers!
851. 2 May 65 F E Newlove BLACK EYE (Sire and Dam)
856. 6 June 65 J W Taylor RODOMONTADE (Theme and Variations)
Ode on Mr Toad could be this - particularly if he wrote it
860. 4 July 65 Mrs B Lewis CORSAGE
Graces bust - cache for love-letter
864. 1 Aug 65 L W Jenkinson PATERNAL
A planter may well be concerned for his seed
868. 29 Aug 65 W K M Slimmings DANDER / TOUPEE (Right and Left)
It's shown by blasting and then turning crimson where you drive, smothering ball completely: to avoid it, keep your head down!
873. 3 Oct 65 S L Paton VETERANS (Carte Blanche)
Some of us could use Martinis - pass the gin up
878. 7 Nov 65 R Postill ENTOMOSTRACA
Not a rat comes off! Obviously some of them stick to sinking ships
882. 5 Dec 65 C G Millin SNAPDRAGON
A Christmas game in which you have to explore inside spirit, alight
884. 19 Dec 65 Maj A S Birt MASHER (Christmas Devilry)
Said Brown, "Alas, our hope's a Red: I/an Smith out and no declaration now"
885. 2 Jan 66 T Anderson GALIMATIAS
This is foolish talk, involving the reverse of first class language
890. 6 Feb 66 N C Dexter DEBENTURE (Spot the Theme)
Without one, rebate due with conclusion of re-exportation is lost
894. 6 Mar 66 M Woolf WITENAGEMOT
Wessex leaders used to hold it: beginning of Norman era saw its end
898. 3 Apr 66 J F N Wedge POCHARD
I dive, in case there is a fish!
900. 17 Apr 66 N C Dexter PAREOEANS (Letters Latent)
Wild apes are no relations of Peking Man
902. 1 May 66 F B Stubbs WINCOPIPE
It used to be quoted in weather lore - start about the first of October to plough
907. 5 May 66 J D H Mackintosh SORITES (Misprints)
Something like corn's all around it - e.g. the middle of the grain
911. 3 July 66 C O Butcher DRAGON
With the scent I've got on many romantic blades have made passes at me
916. 7 Aug 66 K Gibson DIAPASON
I span a do to do
920. 4 Sep 66 Mrs E J Campbell ARISTATE (Printer's Devilry)
A pris une pomme-de-terre?
924. 2 Oct 66 N C Dexter MIMESTER / PECULATE (Right and Left)
See me take items off - take items one shouldn't - high class in exotic peel act!
929. 6 Nov 66 J W Bates AMPHITHEATRE
A bad rep. ham is interrupted by it with gusto!
933. 4 Dec 66 D J Thorpe COTTABUS
Success in this brought Aphrodite's blessing to cubs at sport
935. 18 Dec 66 (i) R Postill, (ii) Mrs E M Simmonds MALAPROP (Farrago)
(i) Matrimony: a little aversion initially has a supporter in her
(ii) Matrimonially a little aversion initially gets support from me
936. 1 Jan 67 M C Raphael MINI-SKIRTS
Abbreviations not in Chambers, but should not be looked up anyway
941. 5 Feb 67 R Postill HYPODERMIC (Playfair)
Despondency, Reichenbach's effect, unsolved crime . . could have led Holmes to this
945. 5 Mar 67 N C Dexter OBLITERATE
(Biol.) Treat defective end of a tube
949. 2 Apr 67 Dr T J R Maguire BROWSING
The makings of Blandings' top sow, quivering among the layers
954. 7 May 67 A L Dennis CERATE (Printer's Devilry)
Danton is topless; head removed (after trial by tribunal)
958. 4 June 67 A Lawrie DRY MEASURE
What'll do for durra - me? Yes
962. 2 July 67 Sir S Kaye PALING
Early stop in recurrent adverse balance of trade might well protect pound
967. 6 Aug 67 N C Dexter CREMOSIN (Spot the Theme)
Colour of the skie, perhaps, with Morne (sic) breaking
971. 39 Sep 67 Mrs B Lewis MAGOTPIE / ANECDOTE (Right and Left)
Turns up at school with tuck, chattered in "Macbeth" - cane judiciously applied au fond, I'm told
975. 1 Oct 67 A A Malcolm HALE
Almost stop with the end of a cue, producing drag
980. 5 Nov 67 F E Dixon OMNIBUSES
Miss Bueno smashes what others drive
984. 3 Dec 67 P R Clemow T-RUTH-FUL (Anonymous(?))
One who displays undies having no intention of concealing anything (Ruth Draper)
987. 24 Dec 67 A Lawrie THING (Christmas Devilry)
There's not so much war? Men appeasin' more? Woolly yarns!
989. 7 Jan 68 A D Legge, W H Pegram, D G Putnam GRENADINE
Pineapple rings in syrup
993. 4 Feb 68 J W Bates JONATHAN (Theme and Variations)
GI? Gravity Indicator
997. 3 Mar 68 Mrs B Lewis TREACLE
Material for a black confection that might become Electra
1000. 24 Mar 68 C J Morse THOUSAND (Letters Latent)
Up to date product of X and C