251 - 500

251. 27 Sep 53 Cdr H H L Dickson UNMETHODICAL (Playfair)
All over the place, though not like a doctor doing the rounds
253. 11 Oct 53 D A Nicholls DERATION
Abandon the cut-aways of standard pattern books - try a neat Dior creation!
255.25 Oct 53 W K M Slimmings SCUTTLE
Where you may see the All Blacks do in ebullient Celts. (Wales will be sunk if you do!)
257. 8 Nov 53 V F Dixon PYROTECHNICS (Straight as a Die)
Very light and flash display, out of place on the Third
259. 22 Nov 53 D P M Michael AGANIPPE
What eases the strain and restores pep again? Spring
261. 6 Dec 53 C Allen Baker DECANTER
The cause of somewhat unintelligible talk in a stag-party?
263. 20 Dec 53 Brig W E Duncan WE THINK SO THEN AND WE THOUGHT SO STILL (Anagram) (Double Acrostic)
That owl, winking, hoots: "He! He! Ted L's nuts!"
265. Jan 54 C J Morse THERMAE
Geysers rattle and knock about 3 a.m. (the heater blows up about noon.)
267. 17 Jan 54 E J Rackham TRADE
Would Mr Butler agree that extra determination must produce it, if destruction is to be avoided?
269. 31 Jan 54 Flt Lt N D Young ASCENT (Clerihews)
Emanation of powder and perfume following a make up
271. 14 Feb 54 F E Newlove TRIPLET
Another Bedser might have been the answer, but there wasn't one - and the tour is bound to suffer
273. 28 Feb 54 C J Morse COUSIN
General name for any sovereign or noble about me, as a monarch might put it
275. 14 Mar 54 J B Filburn ESTOVER (Printer's Devilry)
True! Man's fasts are inconsistent even with Lent here to inspire
277. 28 Mar 54 M Winterbottom PRODIGALLY
Taking care of the pence, gaily dissipated about the pounds - spendthrift will go on like that!
279. 11 Apr 54 H G Tatttersall CRYPTOGRAM
A cell first: then go up before the beak for a sentence involving hard labour
281. 25 Apr 54 F E Newlove SCRAPS (def of LOCALS) (Wrong Number)
Does away with brushes and rags - dusts and shines without polish!
283. 9 May 54 S B Green SOBER
Robes should be fashioned to fit - neither tight nor loose
285. 23 May 54 Mrs E M Simmonds PARALYSES
Acts like a number of members: gets especially agitated about salary revision
287. 6 June 54 C R Haigh MANCHESTER (Theme and Variations)
What is indicated by three short legs in a ring in front of the umpire? A pitch good for ducks?
289. 20 June 54 B J McCann CISTERN
We can get a good many inches of rain here. Over a hundred before August!
291. 4 July 54 Mrs N Fisher APAGOGE
An oblique check for the afternoon, with the latest thing in buttons
293. 18 July 54 F E Newlove CAB (Playfair)
I'm often picked up in the street: for Spanish gentlemen it's me before all the pride of Piccadilly?
295. 1 Aug 54 J B Sykes SENSE-ORGANS
Goneril demanded two of Gloster's: only one would have put Regan's nose out of joint
297. 15 Aug 54 P H Morgan CONTRAPUNTAL
With an air of crossness about the score, the other side kick the stuffing out of Arsenal
300. 5 Sep 54 Mrs E M Simmonds COCCO (Tercentenary)
An assortment of 300! Love-a-duck! Dished up on Sunday, and maybe dispatched by Friday!
302.19 Sep 54 V F Dixon MARTIN
He had to ruin coat with foil or something similar, dividing it in two halves
304. 3 Oct 54 C R Malcolm ORLEANS
Borders round an old house, coming to glory in July
306 17 Oct 54 L Johnson CHICANE / RAMPART (Right and Left)
I don't score as I used to, a hundred an hour! I stick, block with skill - I'm purely defensive
316. 26 Dec 54 E O Seymour BATHROOM
Ideal place for rendering of "Thora", wearing negligee coming back
325. 27 Feb 55 T E Sanders MARRYING
What's the mater doing? She's done that once, we hope!
329. 24 Apr 55 J A L Sturrock HAMADRYAD
Creature of a wood in Hardy novel?
334. 29 May 55 T E Bell CHEROOT
It lends to a Tory personality we admire a certain aroma - not half!
338. 26 June 55 Mrs N Fisher SHE-ASS
Surely Mrs Bennet's an example of this brazenness needed for man-catching!
343. 31 July 55 Maj P S Baines EPIGONI
Ptolomy, Seleucus and Co. have a feast on dividing the crowns of Egypt and India
347. 28 Aug 55 P W W Leach TELEVISOR
Without me a brilliant atmospheric phenomenon lies outside the range of your various lives
351. 25 Sep 55 Norah Jarman LUSTRE
Suspender of pretty Victorian drops - that's quite in order in a Toulouse-Lautrec!
356. 30 Oct 55 E G Phillips METOPOSCOPY
For a facial study of character in caricature, Poy comes top
360. 27 Nov 55 J H Grummitt WRINKLE / EGG-BIRD (Right and Left)
Jet flyer crashes bridge: GWR link with east disorganised: single line remains - verb sap
364. 25 Dec 55 T E Bell HELLEBORE
A flower of surpassing beauty that returns amid the old white splendour of the Christmas scene
369. 29 Jan 56 Mrs J O Fuller BERET
Remember ether masks what is usually felt!
373. 26 Feb 56 R N Chignell PRESTONPANS
Fashion page article in several papers encouraged wearing of kilts
377. 25 Mar 56 J F N Wedge MALISON
No wishing-well supplies man's oil - it's a matter of blasting and hoping for a strike
382. 29 Apr 56 E Newlove ABSTAIN
Put a saint in a bath of Champagne and see if he does!
386. 27 May 56 Dr W M Easther CLEITHRAL
Certainly well-covered up above - call it her "bust" perhaps
390. 1 July 56 C O Butcher HESITATE (Printer's Devilry)
Any MP has, we're told, hopes for immortality after tribulations here - a cross in vocation?
395. 5 Aug 56 J A Fincken SCALE-ARMOUR
The making of mail-bags, etc, without a break cures a moral delinquent!
400. 9 Sep 56 R Postill CONCUPISCENCE (Quatercentenary)
A result of stirring up s-e-x in one! [x = 400]
404. 7 Oct 56 S B Green POLENTA
Bed-sitter in Italy to let (furnished) with a suitable breakfast provided
408. 4 Nov 56 R N Chignell BILLET
I get into a performance of the Bolshoi without a ticket
412. 2 Dec 56 J A Fincken SERVIETTE (All Hons)
Does Hubby not get me at the lunch table? Then you've set it ever so carelessly!
415. 23 Dec 56 Mrs N Fisher, E L Mellersh, J J Moore, Capt W H W Ridley
What laud you? The new-born son
417. 6 Jan 57 Norah Jarman SINECURE
What could be nicer, with a good screw, and less use?
421. 3 Feb 57 H Rotter DOVETAIL
A tough joint is a devil to cut up!
425. 3 Mar 57 R N Chignell TRAVERSE
How gunners get a line on either end of target
430. 7 Apr 57 Mrs G Colley GAMIN (Printer's Devilry)
I'm too biotic - ants, lice - a bit "off", I'm afraid
434. 5 May 57 C J Morse CARTON
Contra-revolutionary hero who made the tumbril proceed!
438. 2 June 57 C Allen Baker MACARONI
It must be swell, being a little waterproof duck in a rain-storm!
443. 7 July 57 C R Dean HALF-SEAS-OVER
"Ah for a vessel" - that's not right: what comes before "full of the warm south"?
447. 4 Aug 57 A Robins TOUSLE
Let us stand by the sovereign, beset by extreme member - and let's see the end of the matter!
451.1 Sep 57 S B Green MEGAPODE
I put out the clutch on a hill, and a small boy in the way beats a retreat!
456. 6 Oct 57 S Goldie PLAFOND
You may see many admiring me in the Sistine Chapel almost fall head over heels in the Piscina!
460. 3 Nov 57 H S Tribe ASTONISHMENT (Misprints)
Open winder? Then no mats is shaken
464. 1 Dec 57 Mrs N Fisher STRAWED
With Dawn's complexion aid, beauty culture's up to you - spread over once
467. 22 Dec 57 V Jennings DYE (Lexicogelastics)
Stain, as used to preserve the colour of the hair, and the illusions cherished beneath it
469. 5 Jan 58 R N Chignell DAISY
Girl who did not have a stylish service weeded out early at Wimbledon
473. 2 Feb 58 E L Hayward LISSOME (Printer's Devilry)
If Adam seek, eternal Eve merely waits to be revealed
477. 2 Mar 58 P W W Leach SEDATENESS
Riotous strip-tease ends with abandoned dance - observed in the usual butler's manner!
482. 6 Apr 58 C R Dean LEASING-MAKER
One who converts by letting false images rankle
486. 4 May 58 H Walsham BARACAN
Strong material one might put behind where the elbows bend
490. 15 June 58 Norah Jarman CLEAR (def of WEIGH) (Wrong Number)
After a hundred real jerks, no portion of me is thick
495. 6 July 58 T W Melluish PARTISAN
Among ancient Rightists and Leftists a crab is included
500. 10 Aug 58 R H Ashworth MOTHERS-IN-LAW (Gallimaufry)
Conjugal relations suffer when it's moral to be remarried