500 - 750

504. 31 Sep 58 C J Morse LEAD-LINE
Here's this ice-bound water system - and the plumber has to let me down
508. 5 Oct 58 P G Palmer CUMBERGROUND
Do you know the holder of the "Bun-Record" Mug? The (White) Elephant!
512. 2 Nov 58 E R Prentice NAYLOR (Libelle)
She can spin a yarn about love after fifty - she's no beginner either!
517. 7 Dec 58 Rev C M Broun CAROTID
If this bursts you might get a doctor (though it'd mean getting one for nothing)
519. 21 Dec 58 F Aylmer RIDICULE (DLM) (Cracker Mottoes)
Why did Irish mockery make Il Duce irate? Because the Eire the Fuhrer
521. 4 Jan 59 F D H Atkinson SOUP
Originally came from good stock, but has deteriorated since coming into a packet (liquor)
525. 1 Feb 59 R N Haygarth MORALE (Printer's Devilry)
I've found that red Graves Impact is terrific. Would you rather have (hic) Guinness?
529. 1 Mar 59 F D H Atkinson BUTTY-COLLIER
In t'pit an acquaintance forged by t'cruel toil
534. 5 Apr 59 Capt A S Birt RAIL-SPLITTER
Mock headache? One can make a real bar against unwanted company!
538. 3 May 59 B J Iliffe BANISHING
He that prigs what isn't his'n in bag rightly gets this!
543. 7 Jun 59 F B Stubbs NUTRIA / ERMINE (Right and Left)
Found rooting about the bank - could spell ruin at Old Street - magistrate's Livery
547. 5 July 59 Mrs E Shackleton STORMY
Kind of stage setting for beginning of Macbeth
551. 2 Aug 59 R Postill PITCHER
Hell! Montmartre's expensive. Well . . . I mustn't go there too often or I'll be broke
555. 30 Aug 59 B G Quin JURYWOMAN (Playfair)
This bird works with her beak, having a rake around wormy ground
560. 4 Oct 59 R Postill CONGENITALLY
Ab ovo . . . leave the egg, and all your original character is latent thus
564. 1 Nov 59 Mrs J Robertson SHE-BEAR
One who licks her babes heartlessly into shape
569. 6 Dec 59 S B Green PROPOSAL
A little persuasive argument, quickly, also brokenly presented - that's the way to make it!
571. 20 Dec 59 LAC R R Greenfield PESTER (Word Ladder)
Badger should be here: look closely about both ends of sett
573. 3 Jan 60 C O Butcher SCAPEGALLOWS
Among lags here is one lag who ought to be strung up head first
578. 7 Feb 60 J H Eyre GATHERED (def of LEVANTER) (Wrong Number)
The activity of a fly-by-night round that location could be learnt as the result of a pick-up
582. 6 Mar 60 E L Mellersh MARRY
You may have to stop being a Rolling Stone and have a Moss Gathering to do this
586. 6 Mar 60 D P M Michael HEBDOMADARY
Shockingly bad Doh! Ray! Me! - not quite compassing an octave
590. 1 May 60 C Allen Baker STATANT (Printer's Devilry)
Cleopatra was dazed and loony, shaving. Come to! Hi! Send on a blade!
595. 5 June 60 Miss D W Taylor INORNATE / OMADHAUN (Right and Left)
I've a favourite spot that doesn't close! Crazy to go over it? Give me a ring first - I'm Gaby, modelling Parisian black (neat but not gaudy!)
600. 10 July 60 Lt Col P S Baines THE LIGHT BRIGADE, NOBLE SIX HUNDRED (Anagram) (Elbodu Ctosicar)
Blunder led to XI H. bearding the heights
604. 7 Aug 60 S Goldie APOSTROPHISE
Extravagantly aspire to posh address - you'll probably need a thou or two to do this!
608. 4 Sep 60 V Jennings CUSTOMER
It's implied that I can do no wrong, but copper gets me pinched in shop when something's missing!
612. 2 Oct 60 P Brown CARGO (Misprints)
Ford ahead? Then try wading!
617. 6 Nov 60 M Woolf COLOPHONY
The finishing touch to Yehudi's bow
621. 4 Dec 60 B K Kelly CHASE
Fashionable pastime - to try to catch up with set in the groove
624. 25 Dec 60 J S Young PSYCHIATER (DLM) (Galimatias)
Try Space Highways Ltd - expert in moon visitations
626. 8 Jan 61 C O Butcher WOMAN-TIRED
Yesterday was too mild to wear trousers, today seems too gusty for skirts: that's Eve with clothes!
630. 5 Feb 61 J Thompson STREAKY (Carte Blanche)
This kind of shot is hit into the air, with not quite the full pace in it
634. 5 Mar 61 C J Morse BEDSTEAD
To lie still is not enough here, both sides of the sheet must be tucked in
638. 2 Apr 61 P H Morgan BUREAUCRAT
A zealous official's a snag over the water at Boulogne - the last bit comes out of the case!
642. 30 Apr 61 F D Gardiner SEETHER (Printer's Devilry)
"What's in Africa?" ses Rab (bit cut up and white). "Sauce! We'll stick to SA, lad!"
647. 4 June 61 E Gomersall MADCAP (Spot the Theme)
Cake with nuts on top
651. 2 July 61 C O Butcher NIPCHEESE
Lavish presentations are not my line - the likes of Felix and Mickey Mouse satisfy me!
656. 6 Aug 61 J Fryde FIDDLESTICKS
Plays about with internal control-rod? It's all malarky to the Yanks
660. 3 Sep 61 R N Chignell RUBBER (Misprints)
The aches may come back after another of these: you need a masseur
664. 1 Oct 61 R B Adcock MANIPULATE
Not abed after midnight is to retire anything but early: do what Sir Toby did to this conclusion!
669. 5 Nov 61 S B Green DRUM
A ridge of high pressure
673. 3 Dec 61 C Koop ERISTICAL
Regarding con'troversy or contro'versy, it is clear which is wrong
676. 24 Dec 61 D Hawson TRELLIS (DLM) (Salmagundi)
Like a giggle? Then hear Charlie Chestnutt tell risqué tales on Borderline network tonight!
678. 7 Jan 62 Miss D W Taylor TESSELLATED
One needs to fix up one's offspring when about so high, growing up - so the little things are diapered!
682. 7 Feb 62 Mrs E McFee PARAMOUR / CHIN (Carte Blanche) (Double Plain)
Plain primitive word suitable for "Lady Chatterley's Lover" . . . in which indecorum is a prominent feature
686. 4 Mar 62 Norah Jarman FEMALE
Like Eve - ("Me with only one ragged leaf to wriggle about in!")
690. 1 Apr 62 Miss D W Taylor ASCERTAIN (April Fool Puzzle)
Find the right answer? Sure - the first of April's over!
694. 29 Apr 62 S B Green OSIRIS (Printer's Devilry)
Bull? On the regimental notice-board the chit appears!
700. 10 June 62 J N Nesbitt SOLOMON (Inlegs Ctosicar)
Wise family man takes lone Whitsun hol
703. 1 July 62 W H Pegram SCAPEMENT
I'm very close to the verge: a false step can put me in!
708. 5 Aug 62 T E Sanders HEARTS
The Rear Admiral's on the quarter-deck and gives encouragement
712. 2 Sep 62 Mrs J Thomas RHEUMATICKY (Playfair)
Shifting mucky earth I get painfully stiff
717. 7 Oct 62 Miss D W Taylor STAR-MAN (Misprints)
To lead the male astray - that describes my calling
721. 4 Nov 62 S B Green KERB-MERCHANT
St Leger? Sometimes - but the backing of horses is rare for me nowadays
725. 2 Dec 62 R E Scraton SILENUS
Old Baldy's always dozing; if we disturb him, he gives us lines!
728. 23 Dec 62 R Postill ALDERMA(N) (Letters Latent)
MCC, probably well advised to ba(n)t, dissipated alarm about Dexter's openers
730. 6 Jan 63 Dr T J R Maguire ARCH-PIRATE
For a whimsical version of me in a libretto, read Barrie. Capt. Hook
734. 3 Feb 63 F G Illingworth NASALITY (Spot the Theme)
One result of the cold - nearly all stay in - well wrapped up
738. 3 Mar 63 Mrs E M Simmonds ANAESTHETIC
I can see that, mistakenly, a number of people like snow!
743. 7 Apr 63 Norah Jarman CHEMIST
I provide something you can rattle up and down in a box
746. 28 Apr 63 J W Bates INTERMIT (Printer's Devilry)
The seatless plum pants have a tuck in
750. 26 May 63 R Postill SEVEN-FIFTY / CROSSWORDS (Right and Left)
It's near to dinner-time when X should get a big hand! Mark our great interest as X speaks!