Crosswords by Ximenes  

Ximenes took over as crossword setter for the Observer in 1939.  He was to set new standards of fairness and humour and is considered, rightly, to be the father of the modern crossword puzzle.  On this site you can find out about Ximenes, his puzzles, his clues and winning clues in his competitions.

Ximenes - copyright Mary Macnutt 2002

Facts Who was Ximenes? Find out about his life and his work.
Puzzles    Crossword puzzles by Ximenes. Also some by Torquemada, Afrit and Apex. Constantly updated.
Winning Clues The complete list of the winning clues in Ximenes' competitions.
His Clues Some of my favourite clues with their solutions.
Celebration  Ximemes 1000 dinner at the Cafe Royale
His Dictionary The mystery of Ximenes' copy of Chambers.
More Like This Welcome to the world of Apex and his challenging puzzles.
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