Ximenes No. 525 'Printer's Devilry'

Each clue is a passage from which the printer has removed a hidden answer, closing the gap, taking liberties sometimes with punctuation and spacing, but not disturbing the order of the remaining letters.  Thus in the sentence Now that it's much warmer, can't I let the boiler go out? MERCANTILE is hidden:  the printer might offer as a clue:  Now that -- it's so much wart, the boil:  ergo, out!   Each passage, when complete, makes sense.

3. How can a girl, without a blessed, cursed chance of winning a beauty prize? (10)
9. In a hot ward, facing breakfast: room's too dark (6)
10. We're scientists: I do physics and my cat - O my! (5)
12. After that, tough Joe stores the spirits (5)
13. A week off. Will! Glades - they can bask (7)
15. An honest man would never close, so squeal! (6)
17. You can't beat a good policy in grips in Soho (7)
19. The ancients often drew a lot, and used a lens for making decisions (4)
20. Canon (Ely) to check the forces of reaction (8)
22. Road-builders make use of cases, cornering (8)
24. The tipsy still has enemies among diners-out (4)
25. In a nut he made tracts from the glamour (7)
30. I've found that red Graves. Impact is terrific. Would you rather have (hic) Guinness? (6)
31. Let's drown regimental and bibulous excess! (7)
32. Give the conqueror a sale: justice demands it (5)
33. With oscillations lumbago can get sexier than a rum B.A. (5)
34. A hat, ill kept, to satisfy some oriental's passions (6)
35. Wild undergraduate rags canals; if so, hot water may result (10)
1. Bo-Peep grieved at loss of sheep: loss of another girl would have made the ladder (11)
2. Gasconade's a form of side-pan: a can's the same (8)
3. In a car, Niobe? Come! Terribly light-headed! (5)
4. Take from an old stain Tony, our problem-boy (5)
5. An ore won't come the way of a defrocked bishop (7)
6. Keep clear of a boil: you know how to charm it (4)
7. The Mede was very hard and caused me pain (6)
8. He'd yield even to a craving - to his lack of guts (4)
11. Peace-lover, revering hatchets that leave graves (11)
14. To a banque, Madam, in U.S., the last letter would have shamed a true devotee (7)
16. When Auntie's vitals trap, broker uttered vulgarly (7)
18. To accused I slander sin: sides to ambrosia must take a week or two (8)
21. Can't he ax tradition from Afghan territory? (7)
23. Solving this is a gift; in other words, core, I call it (6)
26. Don't play with matches, Tommy: your mummy might disappear! (5)
27. I'm too biotic - ants, lice - a bit "off," I'm afraid (5)
28. Mother caught, fated, handed at the stage-door (4)
29. Singing at his conscience made him confess (4)