Misprints by Ximenes

Half the clues, both across and down, contain a misprint of one letter only in each, occurring always in the definition part of the clue: their answers are to appear in the diagram correctly spelt.  The other half, both across and down, are correctly printed: all their answers except one are to appear in the diagram with a misprint of one letter only in each.  No unchecked letter in the diagram is to be misprinted: each twice used letter is to appear as required by the correct form of at least one of the words to which it belongs.   All indications such as anagrams, etc., in clues lead to the correct forms of words required, not to misprinted forms.

1. Grab a quarter of a seat: then you'll get a whole one (6)
6. Rummy sort of girl - see the old-fashioned bun (6)
11. You and I visiting her - there may be storms if the husband appears here (12)
12. Living in college, being after time I knock, returning (8)
13. Sounds like an old heavyweight champion - a huge fist (5)
14. The devil needs very little time in a haunt of vice (5)
16. Smell produced by gnu meat (7)
17. Let's have a romp and stop study (6)
18. Jock's dry no longer: see what's round his neck (6)
20. These syringes are used by surgeons (6)
22. I'm far from happy returning a morning greeting (6)
24. It's the reverse of damp in the locality:things are looking up here (7)
27. Naturally he's against a reason for cancelling service (5)
28. Scotch stronger for almost unrestrained doctor (5)
29. Provide plenty to eat - Brownie's in, just the boy for tea (8)
30. Half an argument, confound it, if once starting a round of golf, is enraging (12)
31. Basque goddess of the dead confronted face to face (6)
32. Involved theses in the form of pamphlets
1. Whist drive with painful consequences (6)
2. Handsome Romeo, perhaps, hides tracks in wood (12)
3. A trifle inert, in need of stirring up (5)
4. Undergarment with metal-work (no lure) round edge (7)
5. Palish band leader shows that anthem's gone wrong (6)
6. Allow just one short hour for scripture (6)
7. Refusal - reverse of agreement - it's quite disgusting (5)
8. Armed man had a fight with Capone in a dark alley (8)
9. Open winder? Then no mats is shaken (12)
10. The French people who flock to see Hope's understudy (6)
15. The woman who's got me, said Ben, is over fifty, like a stringy bit of fungus (8)
19. A brutal revolutionary leader often transmits the virus (7)
20. If you go to Eton, you may get held up in this backwater(6)
21. Local, where a man like Falstaff embraces his lady-love's daughter(6)
22. A series of dress campaigns makes things shorter (6)
23. Bright head-dress for very eccentric artists (6)
25. It's very wide of the norm, but it could be wider (5)
26. Revolting - look - a drunken revel (5)