Ximenes Crossword - 'Gallimaufry’

The clues are of seven types:
1.Printer's Devilry - P.D.:
Each clue is a passage from which the printer has removed a hidden answer, closing the gap, taking liberties sometimes with punctuation and spacing, but not disturbing the order of the remaining letters. Thus, in the sentence Now that it's so much warmer, can’t I let the boiler go out? MERCANTI LE is hidden; the printer might offer, as a clue: Now that - it's so much wart, the boil.. ergo, out! Each passage when complete, makes sense.
2. Playfair - Pl.: In a 'Playfair' code-square, letters of key-word, in which no letter recurs, precede rest of alphabet in order: I does duty for I and J. To encode a word, split it into pairs of letters thus: BR EV ET ED. If letters of a pair occur in same rank in square, use letters to right of each (for last letter of rank use first letter); if in same column use letters below each bottom letter of column use top letter): otherwise treat them as limits of diagonals of a rectangle and use limits of opposite diagonals (ET = DU, not UD, which = TE). Result: AB HB DU SF Then join into one word AB HB DU SF. Answers are to appear in diagram in code, according to a code-square with a key-word which has to be discovered. Most of the letters in their encoded forms can be found from interlocking words. Comparison of these with their letters in their normal forms yields some code equations, from which the code-square used is to be deduced; remaining squares then to be completed.
3. Wrong Number - W.N.: Each clue includes a one-word definition the word required at the number where it stands but belongs as a whole to a word of the same length elsewhere. Method recommended is to find, after solving a clue, a definition of the solution in one of the three other clues to words of its length; this will show where the word is to go.
4. Definition and Letter-mixture - D.L.M.: Each clue includes both definition - one word or more - and a mixture of letters of required words beginning with the beginning or ending with the end of a word in the clue.
5. Misprints - M.: One letter only is misprinted in the definition part of each clue, none in diagram.
6. Right and Left - R.L.: Each clue is really two clues, not overlapping, to two words, one for left side of diagram, one for right: either may be clued first.
7. Theme and Variation - T. V.: The theme-words are a well-known married couple: the two ‘A' variations are both related to ‘A’ in the same way; so are the two ‘B’ variations to B.

1 P.D. How do we foil the thieves? Was a libation the answer? Was oil-jars? (7)
6 T.V. Variation on Theme-word A (7)
11 P.D. Wed, in the soup! It tastes like brick-dust! (10)
13 W.N. I'm terribly burnt now, but not so dark as mahogany (4-4)
14 D.L.M. Mme Gertrude, Style Specialist, for Deportment. It's never too late to bend! (5)
15 W.N. Derangement of a sari and uproar within - there are Wops here! (8)
16 D.L.M. Are you an old soak? Imbibe Rum Fizz at 'The Gunwale'! (6)
19 W.N. Empty castle in famous play with no fortified mounds in front (5)
20 M. You'll see Scots dairy fail - slender support, getting nothing back (6)
22 P1. The whip, associated with Eton: what will the harvest be? (4)
23, 25 R.L. Mac's abundance in guineas represents developments – an improper sea-lido, following the sun at North Berwick! (7, 7)
27, 29 R.L There are places away from the beach, fashionable, one guinea, bright at night: stroll before bed, Ó la franšaise (7,7)
31 Pl. Flogs small horses in the straight at Sandown (4)
33 P.D. The Dover varied but was always one powder at bedtime (6)
35 M. Board of Education is about to expel a woman who's getting red (5)
38 D.L.M. Oviplus makes hens lay richly and with zest (6)
39 P.D. Awa' hag! Anises atrip! To Mecca! (8)
40 W.N. Bosses discovered in dumb osculation (5)
41 P.D.The freebooter's Muse is a foot (8)
42 M. Scuppered N.E. port, hemmed in by satellite: it used to harbour Greek warship (10)
43 TV. Theme-word A (7)
44 D.L.M. Help start of fund for needy tricksters! Don’t leave us to beg gents! (4-3)

1 T.V. Variation on Theme-word B (7)
2 P.D. I'm sober, constable: that’s plain – guilelesh! (5)
3 Pl. Shoot with variegated green about end of stem (6)
4 W.N. Protuberances at the back - a questionable asset (5)
5, 6 R.L. Cast oil promiscuously, not minding barracking, having sloppy stuff to render at concert (7, 7)
7 P.D. Did Brian boo? No: 'urt, heir is. Harms in battle? No! (6)
8 W.N. If the psychiatrist keeps yours at bay, one may see what it sounds like in your cheeks! (3-5)
9 D.L.M. Getting plump in girth? Take Slimmo! Complete success guaranteed (10)
10 M. Moses may be quoted as one of them, having icon Dan in trouble (7)
12 D.L.M. We decry common shows. Set a better laugh at the Frivoldrome! (8)
17 M. State of painting in colour with the lid of – ecstasy! (2-8)
18 T.V.  Theme-word B (4)
21 P.D. Omit tint, do! I shall show up a gappy paper (8)
24 W.N.   Fault-finding with what the heathen worship may have been growing on a tropical isle (8)
26 M. Wounded sore, showing what gun did today (4)
27 D.L.M. Jamaica Inn, Brightsea: jellied eels, winkles: introduce your friends (7)
28, 29 R.L. Old club - Scotsman gripping one, free with upswing, drove round a ball like a sucker! (3-4, 7)
30 T.V. Variation on Theme-word A (7)
32 T.V. Variation on Theme-word B (6)
34 Pl. SA. cloak, put upon chorus-girls (in part) (6)
36 W.N. Thrust in a heavy knife - it may grip the stalls (5)
37 D.LM. Dear Liz - don't excite old passions. Why not rest in peace? - Stan (5)