Wild Goose Chase by Harribobs

Answers must be entered where they fit. In all cases, the wordplay leads to the answer plus one extra letter not entered in the grid. Solvers should read the extra letters in clue order and follow resulting instructions until they find the goose. The Chambers Dictionary (2014) is the primary reference, but doesn't have three proper nouns.

01    Speedwell cavern collapsed trapping Oscar and US soldier (8)
02    A coarse-grained rock, I guess, transported around Norway (6)
03    Fish commonly haven't a chromosome (5)
04    A lag, female, yet to be paid by Dutch giant (7)
05    Primates remove earth from root vegetables (6)
06    Devastated in-laws gather round Romeo, spinning (6)
07    Dance of pre-eminent pairs of Cuban dancers rejoicing (5)
08    Oarsmen on lake adopting a slow pace (5)
09    Flying officer - surprisingly sober competitor (8)
10    Friend sat next to priest in sacred tree (5)
11    Artist to stop framing characteristic design (9)
12    Welsh deserve clothes (4)
13    It was easy, in Tudor days, to string up a man (4)
14    Every now and then, therapist likes to irritate (4)
15    Quantity given by a second individual (6)
16    Second in command aboard ship - one who does crosswords (6)
17    (Difficult clue!) Southern European coins of old (4)
18    Prevented victory having been warned about danger all around (7)
19    Pioneer of antiseptics extraordinarily sterile (6)
20    Gyrating net trailing long-delayed boat (6)
21    Oil producer - crooked one (4)
22    Acceptable in high society, pastor has character to quickly ascend (5)
23    Smaller one who attempts to tour part of Ulster (6)
24    Torpor, according to rabbi, finally passes (7)
25    Senior officer presides over lowlier members of force: pen-pushers (6)
26    Floating transporter returns for soldiers (4)
27    Partner cut work back (4)
28    Lust, perhaps, over elegant braided band (6)
29    Drink in bar, say, first (7,two words)
30    Umbellifers, funny-looking grey ones (7)
31    Don't spend last of funds on wild celebration (6,two words)
32    An Asian half-wild dog, tailless, recently returned bone (8)
33    Cardinal in temper with earl for acting direct (8)
34    A birdbrain - crazy lost soul (4)
35    Component of RNA, origin of life, lacking in ghastly claret, say (7)
36    Last pieces of vital baggage put in case (4)
37    "Stop or interject" demonstrates precisely how poet would have it (7,two words)
38    A republic. Father leads boy around the north (7)
39    List of choices setter has at university (4)
40    After trimming first and last tetrads, orpharion sonata played melodiously (6)
41    Once dismal way to seize the moment? On the contrary! (6)
42    Dissolute client easy, at the outset, to lead astray (6)
43    Unadulterated liquid's beginning to rise - honeydew! (4)
44    Afghans' leader interrupting nurse wants nonuplets (7)
45    Sailors with unreasonably higher rent (4)
46    Ether mixed with Ecstasy. What a laugh! (5)
47    After change of direction, be entitled to weaken (6)
48    Shows the queen around then leaves unexpectedly (7)
49    Juniper grows, eventually, to the west of narrow gorge (6)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format,  to ccpuzzles@talktalk.net before the 8th May 2016.The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range which has been donated by Chambers.