What's Here? by Vismut

14 across clues have an extra letter generated by the wordplay, not to be entered. 2 across clues have an extra three letters generated by the wordplay making a word, not to be entered. When read together in clue order these give a location. The circled cells, read in the normal way, and the letter to be deduced and entered at the centre of the grid, provide an insertion to the location’s name. This all hints at the 13 cells to be shaded in to show the answer.

    1    Terrible deceit about very black recession in the main (7)
    6    Film East European (4)
    10    Garlic mayonnaise tipped over bones (4)
    11    Perhaps ginger root found in areas with no hint of agriculture (5)
    13    Naughty dogs lost in informal spot kept for religion (7, two words)
    15    Brood leader will find river insect in what location briefly? (11)
    17    Thus, bishop gets fat sadly (7)
    18    Could be sound of bouncer hitting short eager Indian perhaps (5)
    20    Country bumpkin to sing high and low when tackling lots of bits (5)
    21    Indulgers clutching cash in East London will get shopping locally (7)
    25    Patchy labour ashore for seaside resident (11, two words)
    28    Reading the first of euros exchanged for pound is increasing in value (7)
    29    S-shaped curves of hills near Cambridge catching Ian’s eye (5)
    30    River valley with even bits of dirt-road ideal going west (4)
    31    German court entertained by safe humour (4)
    32    Allow to take part in display ground metal working (7, three words)

    1    Frequently taken from cargo. Two by two by two (5)
    2    Over to classify vintage claret’s leading fruit (11, two words)
    3    Artificially raise cost of lots of big items – designer utility pieces primarily (5, two words)
    4    It’s surrounded by water that is filled with silt now and then (4)
    5    Fluctuating moods make one cross (5)
    7    Recast top three characters in Olivia’s Grease (3)
    8    Maybe 12 contracted to work with increasing speed (11)
    9    Sample of dynamite – try lighting detonator (6)
    12    Fuel tantrum over reduced part (6)
    14    From the right hill over yonder initially (4)   
    16    Help nurse lead regardless of start (6)
    18    Live, informal dance benefit (6)
    19    Former boss sends back poor wine left out (4)
    22    Dutch check salesman’s cut seaweed (5)
    23    I ate bananas North of ancient Greek city (5)
    24    Nearly every Australian woman wins seaweed product (5)
    26    Get dull and commit. Not the first (4)   
    27    Ingredient for bread missing variable hot salty crust (3)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format giving the shaded cells and central letter to ccpuzzles@talktalk.net before 8th August 2020. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range, which has been donated by Chambers.