A merry Christmas tree-party by Apex

Each answer to an asterisked clue contains, in consecutive letters, the name of a tree (in two cases, a genus of tree) which is to be omitted; the remaining letters, unchanged in order, form the light. These clues are normal and apply both in the definition and the subsidiary parts to the full, unmutilated words whose lengths are indicated in parentheses. No tree is used more than once. All other clues are of the Definition and Letter Mixture type, and contain a definition (one word or more) and a letter mixture (beginning with the beginning or ending with the ending of a word in the clue) of the light. Chambers Dictionary is recommended.


*1. Concerned with intrigue, lad a dock ganger beat up (14)
  9. Magnusson gaining in confidence as he pops the questions (4)
  10. Exposures on That's Life - naughty Esther removing her lappets (7)
*13. One in between set on a mitre (5)
*14. After war, one with stripe rented land for a service rendered (9)
*15. Blast of trumpet to incite one outside ancient cave (9)
  16. One eating out? - can't stomach the recipes of Jimmy Young (6)
  17. Tommy Cooper about to ruin another Magic Circle trick (5)
18. Eric speaking of Ernie's toupee - the joke gets a laugh (5)
*21. Large volcanic craters - one left inside awfully scared (8)
*23. Those who scratch ribs (6)
  24. Eileen Fowler listened to her daily broadcast in bed (5)
*26. He'd let me loose with a pot (8)
  28. Janet's slipped off to peel Doctor Cameron's spuds (6)
*31. A festive gathering - gang about to steal money (10)
*32. Result of crying for ending of one terribly wet year (8)
  33. Angela Rippon to read the fashion news in a bikini (3)
  34. After being hit with this, Lord Soper's limping (7)
  35. Frankie Howard acting the goat in a feminine garment (4)
*36. A portion of sweet one's left or spuds going to waste (15)
*1. Sweetmeats - child with upset to decline one with nuts (10)
*2. One swaggers around the vegetable shows (11)
  3. The Nationwide team a bit under the weather (5)
*4. Elegant girl making first appearance and name in broadcasting English (10)
  5. TV producer searching for new face or faces to strengthen jury (7)
  6. Chaps on Zoo Quest gaze ruefully at an elusive monkey (7)
  7. Star of Askey's size giving Hattie Jacques a leg up (4)
*8. Name written up in Australian football bags (9)
  11. Orson Welles, I see, is at the wine again (4)
  12. Dull Test team at Lord's has sent Arlott to sleep (5)
  19. Programme in Welsh, Sue Lawley presented without colouring (7)
  20. One dressed like John Rickman trying to back a winner (7)
*21. Posh car for repair - not if it's this (10)
*22. Opening notice before a dancing girl (8)
*23. A fool, quiet and deep as he could be (10)
*24. Man to ride a mount is not a certain starter (9)
*25. Badly scared a lot of priests (10)
  27. Captain Mainwaring no longer fit to show a leg (4)
  29. Ronnie Corbett soon cheering up those with the hump (5)
*30. The old do put in demands for kisses (7)