Treasure Hunt by Harribobs

Black Jake has buried his hoard somewhere in the grid, but helpfully has left behind his diary giving directions for any movements he made each day (though some days he stayed put). The answers represent the pages in the diary, in sequence. Starting at the circled cell, solvers must draw a trace through the centre of all those cells where Jake would have been at day's end. This will lead them to something useful, near the foot of which lies the hoard, in two lumps (8 cells), to be highlighted. (Note - two answers are abbreviations).
    1 Where you might find stock and bran after threshing. (4,4)
    2    Inordinately proud of short annexed structure. (6)
    3    Austrians regularly thinned out and redistributed flora and fauna. (6)
    4    "Mine all mine!" he might say. (4,5)
    5    Cajole to get man without work to accept berth. (8)
    6    Contemptible fellow, or diamond geezer? (7)
    7    Apart from the end bit, it's diamond shaped, like part of a flower. (9)
    8    Dark liquid endlessly delivered by sea creature is source of purple dye. (5)
    9    Down, getting up, getting old, getting down. (4)
    10    Record of duck's eggs, say, ultimately might be kept in this study. (6)
    11    Old girl spilling a drop of Drambuie is legless in the gutter. (6)
    12    Road leads to Motherwell and Wishaw? Yes! (4)
    13    Academic has difficult work in time of economic expansion. (8)
    14    Bank at the mouth of a river in Spanish quarter. (6)
    15    I stopped student before they'd finished making footnotes. (7)
    16    Compound of oolite with coating of silver's unknown. Investigation into causes is called for. (9)
    17    In eager excitement finds silver on journey back. (4)
    18    Previously, slightly wet day keeping parliamentarian inside. (5)
    19    Part of anatomy regularly seen in retrocedent gall duct worries. (6)
    20    Doctrines laid down in document by Islamic State. (4)
    21    Something worn around the neck - a lucky talisman, first off. (5)
    22    Almost 50 percent to almost 100 percent legitimate. (5)
    23    It's a debut, but is it Art? (5)
    24    Land lying unused in downtown Ottawa was put up for rent. (8)

    25    Unhappy misanthrope hasn't spent willy-nilly to obtain expensive fabric. (6)
    26    Monster has Special Constable and accomplice retreating.
    27    Foot soldier has died. (9)
    28    My grandchild taking on a course of action leading to muscle impairment. (8)
    29    Losses of wicket, and a drubbing succeeded. Peacekeepers intervened. (7)
    30    Just more than half of rewrites, when rewritten, will be more contorted. (5)
    31    Grandfather's daughters, leaving university, became colonists. (4)
    32    A porridge originally found in North-west America? Just the reverse - a porridge originally found  North-east America. (6)
    33    Recoils from a black stallion with tail docked. (6)
    34    Shed company. (4)
    35    Haircuts displayed by eccentric southerners - with the central part cut out. (8)
    36    Attempt to besiege Tanzania. An interstate agreement is the result. (6)
    37    Ariadne, besotted, is thread provider. (7)
    38    Pirate, endlessly drunk, is embraced by silly fellow countryman. (9)
    39    Ruth injured, hurt badly, on this day. (4)
    40    At university, with students in revolution before daybreak. (5)
    41    With sides of sluicing broken off, water might do this. (4,2)
    42    Old poet's to subdue an old simpleton. (4)
    43    Buccaneer initially acquires gold in addition to another element. (5)
    44    In Latin quarter, conversely, nothing is carried on the back. (5)
    45    Gang of children demanding cake up-front. (5)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format indicating the highlighted cells and a clear description of the final grid,  to before the 8th October 2015.The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range which has been donated by Chambers.