Top Shoe by Yimin

Four answers do not fit their allotted spaces in the grid.  In each case the entry is a word with which the answer forms the title of an award-winning work.  A fifth answer, which does fit, needs a similar treatment (leaving real words).  A hint to identifying this answer appears in the grid.
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1.  Rough pad in Glasgow beloved one and Romeo keep dry (6)
5.  iPad on for start of athletics – see jumping event (7)
10.  Block power advancing in continent enveloping Hungary (7)
12.   Student at home with bird (6)
13.   Photograph Stokes in distress after the end of cricket (5)
15.  Defeated body runs in rebellion (4)
16.  Remained outspoken; in front of Queen, more composed (7)
18.  Eagle’s nest by Australian lake? (5)
20. Probes fly right inside core of heatspot (7)
24. Tableware we require includes water jug (4)
26.  Rig a race - clip Viren, denying victory (6)
29.  Pieces central to ganglia twisted around base of brain membrane (9)
30.   Society name a revolutionary captured (6)
32.  Common American woman holds Southern Michigan flower (4)
35.  Spoil Mr Knightley’s favourite sheepdog (7)
37.  Scourge of infidels initially grills bully using current instead of drug (5)
39.   Rupture joint landing whale (7)
42.  Grouse about your parking space - miles away! (4) 
43.  Rent third share of studio close to Underground in outskirts of city (5)
44.  Threaten a politician with ruin (6)
45.  Partner’s clubs of note, drawing king in no trumps (7)
46.   Book of rules followed by church after right drill (7)
47.   Rib to be situated adjoining ends of Tudor open gable (6)


1.  Scottish Molly to agree to hold letter for baron (6)
2.  Sack judge from trial between knights (4)
3.  The first-born child, say, belonging to him and her (5)
4.  Mechanical performance works on stage now and then (4)
6.  Impi laager armed with javelins (4)
7.  Theatrical backer “breaks a leg” with premiere of Nine (6)
8.   Sport took action about competition official (5)
9.  Lacking Prince, bastard pretender put his name forward (7)
11.  One handling silver bowl recently arrested with money (8)
14.  Quicker? No! Female wants Latin stallion who will go on forever? (6)
17.  Fox chased about inside yard after wingless prey (7)
19.  Boycott bowled by Lillee’s third spell, missing ton (4)
21.  Stinger tossed in road in carjacking (5)
22.  Millet retouched unfinished Gleaners erasing line and last hint of vermilion (5)
23.  Jack’s mate a rookie primarily with wool? (8)
25.  Spiritless Yankee in charge trailing troops in retreat from capital of Arkansas (6)
27.  Plant Indian deer cropped swallowing hard (4)  
28.  Wolf Island, say, rich in marine origins (7)
31.  About 2000 get into Perth enclosure once upper deck removed (6)
33.  European silent about English uproar (6)
34.  Chopped herb in sweetbreads (5)
36.  After months a group of eminent scientists breaks old English code (5)
38.  Fee covering day tripper out West from New York? [4]
40.  God rebuffed, deserted for grand image (4)
41.  Conservative men need name – something old-fashioned (4)

To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format  to before 8th December 2016. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range, which has been donated by Chambers.