That's Life by Flowerman

In most clues, the wordplay leads to the answer with an extra letter (or in one clue three letters) that is not entered in the grid. In clue order, these letters spell out a word followed by hints pointing to two thematic examples, the names of which can be found in the grid. A third thematic example, of the same type as one of the other two, is also to be found in the grid. The three items occupy 13 cells in total. Initial letters of normal clues in order identify the nature of two non-word elements (see final paragraph).
Part (12, 2 words) of a phrase coined in 1957 to emphasise the significance of the items’ functional relationship must be revealed by changing letters in five cells of one row. The person who coined this phrase and the colleague who later presented it as a two-step process must be revealed by changing letters in two more cells. Two arrows must be drawn on the grid and the items highlighted to represent this process.
Three further elements (two non-words and one abbreviated word; nine cells in total) aligned with the highlighted items represent a specific example of the process operating at the level of the smallest functional units. These may also be highlighted; however, it is not essential to do so for a correct submission. All entries in the final grid are real words. The Chambers dictionary (2016) is the primary reference for answers. Wikipedia is recommended as a search term.


1    Charge officer eating smoked, salted mutton with trustee (7)
6    Homer acting to protect brown snake (5)
10    Dash into water in Cancun in a leather thong (4)
13    India plugging state’s fruits (6)
15    Bird lovers regularly rejected a cage for hawks (6, 2 words)
16    Father and daughter missing good mate (4)
17    School bag no longer used (3)
18    Indian shot, for example, an historical piece (4)
19    Fish mostly shunning cake meal (3)
20    Loose garment turned heads (4)
22    Travel aids support your visits to Sweden (5)
23    Synthesiser randomly providing codeword (6)
24    Convent on edge after Franciscan nun finds old blood (6)
26    Outrageous pair of rectors calling a skipping girl fabulously erotic (6)
28    Dead water in channel surrounding fellow briefly (6)
30    It has pronounced ability to afflict aged (5)
33    Manufacturer of pianos snubbed Hindu God (4)
36    15’s relative needing a week in Perth (3)
38    Religious instructor making one tense in study (4)
40    Joke about Morag’s grandchild (3)
41    Encourage removing second stringed instrument (4)
42    Introduce cool series of dance movements to entertain Royal Highness (6)
43    Ropes are trimmed after adjusting blades maybe (6)
44    Bean of leguminous shrub moving about (4)
45    East wind wiping out railway close to Jock (5)
46    Oyster-wife on vacation sorted out bivalves (7)


1    Pot and cocaine on monk’s clothing (5)
2    Want character to pass note for sharp manufacturer (7)
3    Opening remarks indicate much heartache ahead at the summit (4)
4    Old Italian preserving pieces of peritoneum (7)
5    Work regularly in American cities describing parks possibly (5)
7    Native American on floor (5)
8    Buy extremely small island for Harry (4)
9    Goddess mostly white after metamorphosing (7)
11    Appeal for help to support prime filming facilities (4)
12    Property pundit in US state ultimately overlooked as an alternative (5)
14    Girl in Spain welcoming Green’s focus (5)
16    Oprah disregarding odds to take place bet (6)
21    New priest acting without Troy’s approval (6)
23    School paper deviously omitting Rex’s material (7)
24    Fine English comedian penning article (7)
25    Charlotte’s reported strange beast to department (7)
27    Amphibians in Nauru mostly assembled on volcanic rock (5)
29    Insects covering eastern entrances (5)
31    Actors saying nothing after upsetting visit by corporation (5)
32    Rick duplicates transcript finally (5)
34    Ungulate from South Africa heading northward regularly (4)
35    Jansky intends to deliver Mike’s clothes (5)
37    Archaic Greek statue from Macedonia with gold base (4)
39    Rest up after hosting one in authority (4)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format giving the highlighted entries to before 8th July 2020. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range, which has been donated by Chambers.